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Introduction: Wine Cork Fishing Bobber

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I came up with this idea because I try to come up with a free way to make just about everything.

Step 1: What You Need

Wine corks, stainless wire, wire cutters.

Step 2: Push Wire Through

Find a straight piece of stainless wire a little longer than your cork. Put a hook on one end with your pliers/wire cutters. Push it through as centered as you can on the cork. Pull it all the way through where the hook is buried in the cork. Now cut the wire just long enough to put a second hook in it.

Step 3: Now You're Done

Push the wire back and forth a couple times to where it can later be done by hand. You can now add this to your fishing rig. Some other ideas might be to spray paint them a fluorescent color or even glow in the dark if you will be night fishing. Add weights to the wire if you so desire. Thanks for looking!

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    Elisa G
    Elisa G

    6 years ago

    How do you put the wire in the cork? I am not a fisherman so I do not know the best way to put the wire in for the best result, but I am trying to make some of these for Operation Christmas Child. This looks like such a good idea.


    7 years ago

    That's a great idea, thanks!!


    9 years ago

    Good idea. Wondering if you could make it a sliding bobber for adjusting to depth. Seems possible of you can make a hole for the line and a bobber-stop-bead large enough to fit the hole.