Introduction: Wine Rack W/ Chalkboard

Here is my newest project, i made a wine rack that is wall mounter with a nice chalkboard. It look really nice in our kitchen + no more bottles on the counter top. I really like how this project turned out. I want to share this project with you guys so let's build this! 🔨


For this project, you need :

- 1/2 Inch Plywood

- Wood Glue

- Adhesive Chalkboard contact paper

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Step 1: Cutting the Plywood

First step is to cut the plywood to the dimensions listed below. You can use many tools for this task, but I recommend the table saw if you have one, or at least a circular saw.

[2x] 1''¾ x 11

[1x] 4 x 13

[2x] 11 x 16

[2x] 4 x 11

[2x] 4 x 10½

Step 2: Assembling the Main Frame

Let's start by assembling the main frame of the wind rack. I say main frame because we will glue together all the parts except for the both 1¾x11 pieces. These are the two pieces that will hold the wine glasses, and they need modification before we assemble then on the main frame.

So, basically, we take one big side of the wine rack ( 11x16 ) and we glue the four pieces that will act like ''shelves'' for our wine bottles, letting 4 inches between all these 4 pieces. These pieces are [2x] 4x11 and [2x] 4x10½. Shorter boards goes in the middle and longer ones goes to the extremities.

This will let us glue the 4x13 board between the 4x11 pieces. This board will act as a stopper for our wine bottles.

Now that the 4 boards are glued in place, we can move on and glue the other big panel. Once it's done, we have our main frame assembly done.

Step 3: Adding the Wine Glasses Holder

Now, it's time to assemble the 2 last plywood pieces to our main frame. Those 2 pieces are 1¾x11.

But before we do so, we need to add some notches to secure the wine glasses in place so they don't fall easily on the floor if you bump them. I do this by placing my 2 pieces together and drilling 3 holes between the 2 board. I did my holes at 3 inches apart, but the wines glasses touch each other, I should have drilled my holes 3½'' apart to avoid this, so I suggest you adapt the distance between the notches to your wine glasses size.

Once the holes are drilled, I use a file to round the edges, trying to replicate the shape of the wine glasses base.

Step 4: Sanding ..

the title says it all ... Sanding! 🙃

Because the front face of the wine rack will be covered with a chalkboard, other parts won't be much visible. So i just make a quick sanding using some #120 sand paper, not looking for the perfection here!

Step 5: Making the Keyholes

Now, before we stain our project, we need to make the keyholes. This is how we are going to hang it on the wall. It's a simple, and easy way to hang stuff on a wall.

I drill two holes per keyhole, a bigger hole (3/8) for the bottom, and a smaller (3/16) for the top hole. Then, using my jigsaw, i remove the wood between both holes to make a keyhole. Simple and effective way to hang my wine rack on the wall!

Step 6: Staining Ou Painting Your Rack

Let's add some stain. For this project I'm using some water base stain, it is super easy to apply. No overlay mark when using this type of stain.

Step 7: Adding the Chalkboard

Fun part, the chalkboard! Now, you can use chalk paint .. or contact chalk paper! I choose the second method. It is way easier and less messy, works like a painted chalkboard but it is made from vinyl. It really sticks to the plywood, I made a test and tried to remove the contact paper and it's is really hard to remove it, the plywood stay sticky.

Easy to apply, start by cutting the paper to the dimension of your project and make sure you keep at least 1 or 2 inches on each side. Stick it to your wine rack then cut the extra contact using a knife.

Step 8: We Are Done!

Now you only need to install it to the wall. Just use two drywall plugs and 2 screws and Voila!

We are done! :)

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Have a great day, see you next time!