Introduction: Wine and Champagne Stand


Step 1: Materials

Claymark Intergrained precision Premuim Pine 285mm x 19mm. 1.2m
Nails: Paslode Flat Head Bright 30 x 2.0mm
Saw Horse
Twist Clamp
Electric Jigsaw

Step 2: Building

Cut wood into a block of Length 27.5cm Width 25.5cm
Cut another wood block of Length 48.5cm Width 23cm
Get both blocks of wood get the big one and put it on the floor get a second person to hold the smaller block of wood against the top of the big wood block length ways and nail it in with your hammer and nails
Get a wine bottle and mark both sides of the wine bottle leave a small gap from your wine bottle and marking
Get your Electric Jigsaw and cut the two bottle stands once done make sure to sand of your work

Step 3: Thanks

Thank you for viewing make sure to leave a comment about my work and also view my other projects

Sincerely C-jcool