Introduction: Wine Rack for 3 Bottles Out of Pallet Wood

If you saw and liked my last project but thought that for you only one bottle of wine wasn't enough, check out this next one.

The main objectives of being unexpensive (so you can buy those 3 bottles of wine) and simple, remain.

Portuguese version available at


Circular Saw




Hole Saw



Sandpaper grits 60, 80 and 220


Wood glue

Step 1: Base and Wine Holder

Start with the base and the piece that will hold the wine.

Use your circular saw and cut two boards from the pallet you've chosen with 50cm of length.

Use a square to trace the line as straight as possible.

On the piece that will hold the wine, choose one of it's ends, doesn't
matter which one, and cut with the circular saw configured for cuts on 45º.

Step 2: Back Panel

Cut 3 pieces with the following sizes: 35cm, 25cm e 13cm.

They will be the back of the project.

Trace a line following the bottle holder piece and use your circular saw to cut it.

Step 3: Sand and Dry Fit

Start sanding everything. Start using the 60 grit sand paper, go through 80 grit and finish with the 220 grit.

Dry fit everything and check if it will work out as you planned.

Step 4: Gluing Back Pieces

Start gluing the back pieces.

Fasten all of them with screws from underneath.

Step 5: Bottle Holes

Mark the center of each hole for the bottles. Mark each one 13cm from the other.

Use the hole saw to drill them. Try to keep your drill on a 45º angle.

Sand the interior of the holes.

Step 6: Glue Bottle Holder Piece

Glue the bottle holder piece and fasten with screws from the top if you want.

Check if everything is as expected so you can apply your finish.

Step 7: Finishing

Apply whichever finish technique you prefer.

I've used polyurethane based varnish.

Wait atleast 24 hours for it's complete drying.

All done.

Let me know if you have any questions about this project by commenting below.

Have fun!