Introduction: Wineador Drawers

This video steps thru making custom drawers for a winecooler to make into a humidor - a "wineador"
- with loading and ideas/reveal

Step 1: Get the Stuff

Get some basic cigar trays (2 per finished drawer), and some strips of Spanish Cedar

Trays used here are 7" x 12" x 2-1/4"

Rip & cut 1/4" thick cedar strips to:

2 @ 1"x12" - used for crossbar/joining pieces

and 2 @ 1-3/4" x 11" - used for "drawer slides"

Step 2: Cut Down 1 of the Trays

(this *may* depend on the overall interior space of your particular winecooler, and the trays you get)

For these "stock" trays, cut one of them just slightly past the 1st vented hole... basically need to trim enough of the 2nd tray to fit inside your winecooler when placed next to the other "full size" one...

Step 3: Trim the Bottom of the Trays for the Cedar Strips

You want to take the bottom "lip" off one long side of the full tray - this will be for the wider cedar strip that will make the drawer slide, and cut 2 @ 1" notches on the other long edge for the cross cedar pieces that will join the 2 trays.

On the tray we cut down, trim off the bottom lip on the long edge for the shelf slide strip.

Step 4: Layout and Drill Holes

Layout the trays and the pieces as shown - 2 wide pieces on the sides as drawer slides and the cross members to fasten the trays together. Hold the side pieces just to the edge of the 1st vented slots and make sure you will have enough OVERALL width to trim to fit (at least 15 inches for this particular winecooler - a NewAire 281) and pick what will be the "front" of your new drawer and flush all slide pieces to that direction.

You will at this point trim down the 1" cross pieces to fit inside the space left after placing the side/slides.

Drill small pilot holes all the way thru from the bottom side so you can see where they will be on the inside of the tray - I did 2 equal spaced holes on each drawer slide edge and 3 on the cross member pieces (each) - 2 centered in the full tray and 1 on the cut tray.

Flip the trays over and drill a countersink hole for the screw heads - CAREFULL - the drill bit could grab and go thru instead of making a slight countersink divot like we need. (use a drill press instead of the handheld if you have access to one)

Step 5: Assemble - Glue & Screw

Run #4 x 1/2" wood screws from the inside of the tray just enough to poke a little out of the bottom side - this will allow us to use them as "pins" to fit the cedar strips in perfect position for each.

Run a bead of wood glue on each section for the strips - work with 1 tray/piece at a time.

Once glued and pieces together - screw the wood screw all the way thru, sinking it into the tray and poking out the bottom (we'll trim this off later, but this gives us a full fastening of the screw)

Do both of the slides (on each tray), then the cross members on the cut tray, then fasten the full tray to the cut/cross section to finish the assembly.

Step 6: Grind Off the Screw Tips

Get a cutt-off or grinding wheel and knock off the tips of the screws poking out so everything is smooth and flush, could also hit it with a sander and get the rough edges off the now assembled drawer unit too.

Step 7: Trim to Fit & Load Up!!

Trim the slides (keeping the tray/drawer CENTERED) to fit in the cooler. In the case of the NewAire 281 I have, it's slightly larger than 14-5/8" - yours may be close to that as well. Best to take to the actual unit, get some good marks, and see how much you need to trim, then replicate that dimension on any others you make for this unit.

Wipe it down with a rag and some distilled water to remove dust, and do a little seasoning of the trays/drawer. Let that sit for a bit, then load up with your favorite cigars (maybe even a bottle of Vino) and ENJOY!!

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