Wing Chun Chum Kiu, Seeking the Bridge.

Introduction: Wing Chun Chum Kiu, Seeking the Bridge.

Wing Chun Second Form Chum Kiu or Seeking the bridge.

This form combines various techniques of the first form as well as adding shifting of the body weight. Using changes of direction and forward energy to add more power to techniques and using turning to divert on coming forces. "Ging" or sudden energy is added to the end of the techniques again to added power and instigate a reaction on contact with our opponent.

In honesty in reviewing this playback I can see a few elements are not sharp enough. I need to a more springyness to the knees and allow my body weight to sink slightly more when applying the movements. Small details make all the difference.

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    This looks like a great forms tutorial. Could you share a little more about the background of the techniques and the martial art that they are used in. I am really new to this and I am curious.