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Introduction: Winged Boots With Sugru

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Whether you're in need of a costume accessory, channelling your inner Olympian or simply need a flying courier upgrade, this is the perfect way to upscale a pair of boots you have lying around. On leather boots these wings are durable, waterproof, sturdy but can still be removed. Also this works very well with recycled shoes and recycled card.

Things you'll need:

- Old boots
- 4 packs of sugru for covering wings(same color as boot), 1 pack as an adhesive
- Laminated Cardboard(The sugru packaging actually works perfect for this. Yay for RECYCLING!)
- Wing template
- Scissors
- Soapy water
- Paper glue or Blu-tack
- Sharp pencil
- Clean hands and work surface

Optional: Ambrosia

Step 1: Print and Cut Out Wing Template

Print the wing template on a full A4 sheet. Stick it a piece of card with paper glue or blue tack and cut out the outline. Don't worry if it looks too big.

Step 2: Size Up Wing, Adjust and Replicate

Take the cutout you just made and size it up next to your shoe. If it's too big use your pencil to trace out a more appropriate size. Adjust it by trimming off the excess. once you're happy with the wing size and shape, replicate this onto another piece of card.

Step 3: Sugru Time!

Once you open your sugru you have about 30 minutes before it starts to harden! So don't stall

I used about 2/3 of a pack of sugru for one wing.

This is going to be done in two layers. Break off pieces of sugru and smooth them out from about the middle to the wing tip for the first layer. Next, add the second layer starting from the middle of the wing. Score lines between the 'feathers' with your pencil and shape up the layers as you please. Smooth it out with some soapy water on your finger tips.

The last pic shows the result of the layering, scoring and shaping.

Step 4: Repeat on Other Wings

Repeat this on the second wing. Now you should have a pair of relatively smooth wings. I kept mine a little textures to match my boots.

After an hour or so you can use the remainder of the sugru to coat the backs of your wings thinly. Start from the wing tips and go backwards. Depending on how you are placing the wings on your shoes, you may leave some exposed cardboard at the end.

Step 5: Stick Your Wings On

Using the sugru set aside for your wings, roll some sugru into a fat worm (I chose purple to match the repair work I did on the soles of my shoes).Place the sugru either on the back side of your wing or on your shoe if there is a crevice you can place it in. Stick your wing on with this. Trim off excess. Repeat for other boot.

Fill in imperfections with sugru if you must.

Step 6: Set It for 24 Hours Aaaaand You're Done!

Leave it to cure for about 24 hours. Once cured it will be waterproof and durable. Perfect long term accessory for shoes. Pretty fly too.

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    8 years ago on Introduction

    This is so great! Love the idea, but using actual sugru pack as well is just brilliant! We'll be sharing this one :)


    Reply 8 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks :) I like to be environmentally conscious where I can