Introduction: Wings

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I love wings. Almost any flavor you don't have to sign a waver to buy....

We found the trick is to cook them twice. First boil or bake then a quick deep fry for the crust....

Step 1: Baking the Wings

I spread them out on a sheet pan and Bake then in a 350 oven until they make it to 160 inside....

We let them rest for about 10 minutes. You can dust them with flour or corn starch at this point for a crunchier finish if you want.

They really don't need it.

Step 2: Deep Fried Perfection

The numbers wore off my deep fryer long ago but it doesn't matter. I set it to max.

Watch them carefully as this will take a minute or two.

Remember they are fully cooked going in...

Step 3: Now the Fun Part

Grab a bowl, add a few wings and splash with your favorite sauce, toss to coat.......

Since the deep fryer is on you might as well make some fries and onion rings too.

Now what to drink with these.......

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