Introduction: Wings for Your Shoes

I wanted to add a bit of fun to my roller derby skates so I made some fabric wings,
here's how...

You Will Need:

Fabric of your choice
Tracing paper
Black marker
Glue Stick
Round file
Sewing machine
Eyelets & eyelet punch
Chopping board

Step 1: Steps 1 to 4

1. Trace pattern onto paper with pencil, when your happy go over it in black marker.

2. Tape pattern to cardboard and cut around outline x2.

3. Fold fabric in half then half again - (you should have 4 layers)
   Pin on paper pattern, and cut around leaving about 1cm from the edge for seam allowance.
   You should have 4 pieces of fabric 2 tops and 2 bottoms.

4. Cut wadding to same shape as the pieces of fabric.

Step 2: Steps 5 to 8

5. Glue cardboard to one piece of fabric.

6. Flip over and trace pattern onto fabric side with black marker (or dress makers chalk).
   Use loops of tape and pins to keep pattern in place as you mark fabric.
   Don't stress if it's not perfect, this will be the back of the wing and the lines are
   used as your sewing guide later on.

7. Flip back to cardboard side and glue on wadding & your 2nd piece of fabric.
   (It should be the reverse of the first piece of fabric, so you have a top and bottom).

8. Pin around edges of fabric on the underside, as close the cardboard as possible, stretching fabric where necessary.

Step 3: Step 9

9. Sew around outside and all black lines, trim excess fabric to a few milimeters when finished.

Step 4: Step 10

10. Measure against your shoe or skate for placement of eyelets & mark with black marker
    (I used 3 but you may wish to use more). Use the punch in the eyelet kit with a hammer and board to cut a hole
    for the eyelet. Use a file or pencil to enlarge the hole to fit the eyelet. Be careful not to make it too big
    as the fabric then will not be under the edge of the eyelet when finished.
    If this does happen you can stitch around the hole and pull the thread together to draw up the fabric to fit.

Step 5: Step 11

11. Insert the eyelet pieces and carefully hammer into place.

Hey Presto your done, now attach to your shoes or skates and enjoy!!