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Introduction: Winosaur 2 - Winosaurus Rex

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After making my Triceratops style "Winosaur"

I thought it would be nice to have a complimenting one ........soooo here it is Winosaur 2 - The Winosaurus - Rex

Again all made from skip rescued 8mm ply

Step 1: The Pattern

Yes I know Triceratops and Tyrannosaurus were from different eras but all the movies have them together...

First I had to find a pattern, good old Google is your friend, I typed in Tyrannosaurus side view and this is what I got.

It is an uncopywrited picture which is tip top!

I enlarged it to the size I wanted and made a few copies

Unfortunately this is a bit too upright to hold a wine bottle so a bit of adjustment is needed

Step 2: Cut and Paste

Apparantly you can use a computer to do this, but I found it much easier to ACTUALLY cut and paste (well scotch tape to be exact)

I made several copies ( A3) then cut out a body then drew in legs (a bit feint as I used pencil)

Step 3: Templates for Individual Parts

Once I was happy with the stance, I drew out the parts individually and again made a bunch of copies

I then stuck the pieces on my plywood

There are still the "leg attachment frames" to figure out, which I will do when I have a wood model

Step 4: Cut Out the Parts

For the earlier one I made a cardboard model first, I decided to skip that stage this time and go for broke!

Step 5: Initial Assembly

I joined the pieces together in a "dry run" in order to be able to mark up the positions that I needed the leg frames to go.

It is held together using 4 small drill bits, as at the time I couldn't find any panel pins (I found some shortly after)

Step 6: Leg Frame

Once "dry fit" assembled I could work out a position and shape for the leg frame (I actually used the template from my earlier winosaur to get the shape, then modified it

Step 7: Sand the Pieces

I got all the pieces together and sanded them, this is important as the wood thickness will affect what size you cut the locating slots

Step 8: Assembly Back Legs

These were fitted on to the back leg frame using morticed slots, I drilled the holes first with a 7mm drill and then filed with a hand file

Step 9: Assembly Front Legs

Initially I was going to make a front leg frame, but as Tyrannosaurus is known for having short, close front legs I decided to fit directly to the body.

I positioned them so they looked right and then drilled through and inserted 2 cut down panel pins to locate, the holes were filled with glue and sawdust.

All the joints were then glued up and sanded down for a flush finish.

I also curved in the top of the rear leg frame as it looked nicer

Step 10: Add Wine

The advantage of having the 2 front legs so close is that it effectively gives you a tripod which is very stable.

However if I make another, I would probably make it a little larger.

I will varnish it at some point!

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