Winter Clothes Drying Rack

Introduction: Winter Clothes Drying Rack

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My winter clothes rack started with the need to dry my kids wet, snowy mittens, hats, snow pants and coats. 
My needs were close to the door , could be stored out of the way, and easy to use.

After looking around at different options this what I came up with.

What you need:

1. The drying tray/rack.  My was plastic, I had other options around use what you have/ works for you.

2. Rope/Cordage,  I used a nylon rope 

3. Some coat hooks of some sort to put on wall/door.

4. Common sense -- this not a given,  use what you have to fit your need and situation. 

5. Other -- Some zip ties, a caribeaner and a flame to seal the ends of the rope so it does not fray.

What I did:

1.  Found a place to place my rack, I decided to mount it to the back of our door going to the garage, we don't use it much and it is right in the entry way, next to the closet that we keep the coats and stuff.  The water/snow can drip and  goes on to the runner (winter carpet).  Put  it where it makes the most sense/works for you

2. I put 2 hooks on the door, they are just small coat hooks. In the summer we will still have 2 coat hooks to use.

3. I tied some of the rope on the rack, adjusted the rope so my kids could hang and place there stuff on it, hats and mittens on top, 
pants and coats on hangers,  you  could also attach clothes pins to hang stuff, but this works for us for now. 

4. When the stuff is dry we take it put in the closet next to the rack, and then can hang the rack flat on the back of the door.

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    9 years ago on Introduction

    Remember to remove your children from the clothes before attempting to dry them :D
    Great instructable, very resourceful

    If you install this over your shower/tub, you wont have to worry about drips. If you are installing it on your door, a plastic boot tray could catch the drips as well. I hope this helps.