Introduction: Winter Gnomes (Snowman and Penguin) Made Out of Plastic Bottle

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Do you like painting or sculpting? Or, do you like both? But, what if you can do it with reusable things? Do you have many plastic bottles that are too few to be recycled, yet too many to be disposed?

You have come to the right place. I will show you how to make a winter gnome sculpture of snowman and penguin out of plastic bottle.



2 plastic bottles

Self-hardening clay

Spray cans


Aluminum Foil

Glue (UHU Glue)



Several cardboards (for base when painting)

Brake cleaner (for cleaning the paintbrush after painting)

Step 1: Base of the Gnomes

Cut aluminum foil. The size of the aluminum foil is approximately the size of a Letter paper (8.5" x 11"). Fold the aluminum foil and then crumple or squeeze it until the aluminum foil looks like a sausage (see the attached picture).

Attach the squeezed aluminum foil to the bottle and do not forget to glue it otherwise it will not stick to the bottle. Repeat this step as long as you desire. The purpose of doing this is to making the form of the gnome sculpture, such as adding the nose, scarf, hat or twig.

I made two winter gnomes for this project. One is snowman and the other one is penguin. For snowman gnome, add some details to it, like nose, hat, twig and scarf. For penguin gnome, add some details to the gnome, too, such as mouth, feet, hat and scarf.

Step 2: Making the Sculpture

Get the self-hardening clay ready. Cover all the surfaces of the bottle with self-hardening clay. Soften the clay with a little bit of water.

Step 3: Wait Until Dry

Wait the gnomes for 1 day to dry. Because I use ordinary self-hardening clay, it cracks easily. Therefore, we add some more clay and water to soften it. Wait it once again until dry.

Here is one technique to prevent the gnome from cracking. After add second layer of clay, cover the gnome using plastic bags. This is for protecting the gnome from drying too fast and eventually shrinking and cracking.

Step 4: Painting the Gnomes

After the gnomes dry, prepare the spray can ready. Use any color that you desire. For this project, I use spray paint with colors of white, black, blue, yellow, orange and red. Because using the spray paint is very tricky, spray the paint into the unused cardboard first and then paint the gnome by using paintbrush. Start painting carefully. Do not forget to clean the paintbrush with brake cleaners. Otherwise, the paint will always stick in the paintbrush and makes the brush damaged. After finish, put them in your yard or garden.

I hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

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