Introduction: Winter LED Hat

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Hi! I'm Cameron. Welcome to my instructable on my DIY light up hat! It is very simple to make and use. Hope you enjoy!


1. hat (with rim around the edges)

2. this headlamp

3. battery pack

Step 1: Dismantle the Headlamp


1. Rip off the battery cover (it doesn't matter!)

2. Remove all the screws

3. Pull out the battery holder

Step 2: Remove the Circuit Board

Simple! Just pull it out (be careful!)

Step 3: Solder It!

See the battery + and battery - on the circuit board? Solder the battery holders wires onto it!

Step 4: Attach It to the Hat!

What to do:

1. glue the circuit board to the front of the hat.

2. glue the battery pack to the inside of the rim on the hat

(OPTIONAL) 3. put a piece of foam tape on top of the battery pack, the press the hat down on it.

Step 5: Enjoy!

There are no steps on this one! YAY! Just enjoy! (Some people count that as a step.)

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