Introduction: Winter Wonderland Tiered Paper Gown Dress

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Lets create a wonderful winter paper dress. This would make a beautiful display at a holiday party, an editorial style photo shoot, or a fabulous window display. Sure to add sophistication and style to whatever you desire.

This project only took 4-6 hours and cost me less than $10 to create. I used both new and recycled paper products to create this magnificent display dress.

Join me below to get started with the supplies you'll need.... Designing for a winter wonderland!!

Step 1: Supplies You Will Need

White Poster Board - 2 Sheets

Paper Towels - 1 Roll

Paper Napkins - 1 Pack of 150

Coffee Filters- 2 Packs of 100

Recycled packing papers assorted

Paper Twine - 1 Bundle

Hot Glue Gun

Hot Glue Sticks - 1 Full Bag Long Sticks

*** I only used the above supplies upon finishing the dress, despite the many supplies in the supply photo. I didn't end up needing all of the rest. More products can be used to increase density and volume.

Step 2: Trace Your Board

Draw a semi circle using 1/2 your waist measurement. I used a 12.5 inc round semi circle. Open the two boards and mirror the poster boards side by side.

Step 3: Prepare Your Ruffle Tiers

Open Your napkins and let them hang handkerchief style.

Step 4: Attach Your Napkin Tiers

Go ahead and attach your napkin bottom tier by gluing around the outer edge poster board.

Step 5: Cut Section for Draping

Draw lines around the boards and associate towards the center of the waistline.

Step 6: Skirt Pinning

Pin your skirt to a dressform or mannequin if possible to see placement. I used standard dressform pins to secure this piece.

Step 7: Add More Tiers

Add more napkin tiers in a brick pattern. Fill in closely 2" apart for full tier skirt. For more full reduce spacing size. For less full skirt, increase spacing to 4"+. Fill in from the bottom up.

Step 8: Add Paper Wrap Around Tie

Punch a hole in both sides of the front skirt edge with a pen. Insert the paper twine and tie it off. Wrap tie the skirt around the dressform or model and remove pins.

Step 9: Add Bottom Tier Skirt Layers

Open up and separate the coffee filters.

Cut in half.

Step 10: Glue Coffee Filter Tiers

Glue 1/2 coffee filters vertically on a paper towel and glue to the bottom of the skirt for added length if desired.

Step 11: Pin the Bustier

Use the scrap pieces from the skirt template cutout as a bra form.

Pin side by side, overlapping the middle section.

Step 12: Add Handkerchief Napkins

Add handkerchief napkins upside down and glue to bra-let. Work from one side to the other.

Step 13: Add Middle Section

Use a scrap piece of paper for the middle section gluing it to the bra section.

Step 14: Add Straps

Cut 2 rectangle pieces out of the recycled paper and glue on each side of the bra.

Step 15: Add Folded Coffee Filters

Add folded coffee filters for increased texture. Apply 2-3 layers in brick spacing pattern.

Step 16: Finish Details Center Bra Area

Add a piece of recycled glitter paper to the middle for some glam and a finished look.

Step 17: Add Back Ties

Punch holes in the top halter straps using a pen. Insert paper twine and bow tie to finish.

Punch holes in the center corset bra piece using a pen. Punch 3 holes vertically per side.

Insert paper twine and bow tie to finish.

Step 18: Finished Front Gown

Front + Details.

Step 19: Finished Side + Details

Side + Details

Step 20: Finished Back + Details

Finished back + details

Step 21: Thank You + Congrats!

Thank you for joining me creating today. Congrats!! You did it!!!

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