Introduction: Winterize Cabin or Home

avoid frozen pipes by winterizing your place..

Step 1: Turn Off Main Valves

Turn water off at water meter. Zip tie to prevent tampering. Turn the house's main valve off. Remove handle and zip tie. insulating around meter and the pipe where it comes into the house is a good idea too..

Step 2: Drain Water Heater

Turn off gas to the water heater. If it's electric turn off at the breaker. Attach hose to water heater and begin draining .

Step 3: Blow Pipes Out

With an air compressor attached to the laundry hookups begin blowing on the hot side first. Do not blow more than 35lbs. You could blow your pipes apart. The added air pressure will help the water heater drain faster. When the water heater has drained close the drain valve and change air hose over to the cold side of the laundry. hookups.

Step 4: Blow Clear

go through and open/ close valves one at a time until they blow nothing but air.. every sink, tub, toilets, out side faucets. showers my take a bit longer to blow out..

Step 5: Add RV Antifreeze

pour antifreeze into all sinks, tub/shower, floor drains, dishwasher, laundry drain.. typically about 12oz of antifreeze is enough to fill these P traps.. toilets require nearly a gallon..
toilets remove all water from tank and bowl.. wet vac work great.. start pouring antifreeze down the drain tube that's in the toilet tank until pink color runs into the bowl .then fill tank until flapper is submerged.. top off the bowl until hole is covered.. same level when it has water.. dish washer will require a gallon after adding antifreeze turn dishwasher last rinse/drain cycle then turn off...this will get it though out the inside of the machine..

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