Introduction: Wire-Beads Infinity Ring

this ring is really very very simple and easy to make
for making it we need
-Thin wire

cut thin wire in 2 pieces 1 approx- 6 inches and other 5 inches long

Step 1:

take 6 inches long wire and put 13 beads into it (if your fingers are thin you can put 11 or 9 beads)
then put another colored bead
then pass other end of wire through that another colored bead, this will create a loop
pull wire tightly so that loop becomes firm and tight

Step 2:

now at the longer end of the wire add 13 beads again (11 or 9 in some cases)
then pass that end of wire through another color bead
pull the wire tightly
this will create an infinity loop
now twist two wires and cut them and bend them so that wires wont hurt after we wear it

Step 3:

now attach 5 inches long wire to the center of one loop (7th bead amongst 13)
and add no of beads according to the size of your finger
then pass free end of wire through center of another loop (7th bead)
and pull tightly
twist/loop wire to secure it tightly
cut extra wire
ring is ready :)

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