Wire Dreamcatcher




Introduction: Wire Dreamcatcher

for this you will need:
26 gauge dead soft wire
wire cutters
a frame for your dreamcatcher ( I'm using a 4" stainless steel welded ring)
a jump ring for the center
beads... embelishments

Step 1: Start Out

by cutting 8 12" pieces of wire.
take a wire and fold it in half
thread it through the frame
wrap it around twice
and twist 2-3 times
repeat for all 8 wires

Step 2: Wrapping the Frame

make 8 evenly spaced marks around the frame with a non permanent marker
cut a long section of wire that you feel comfortable using (18" is usually good)
begin wrapping the wire around the frame
after 5 or 6 wraps slide the wire nearest the working end of your new wraps over the nearest mark
Slide your wraps right up against the wire you just moved to a mark and continue wrapping right over the top of it,
when you reach the next mark slide the next wire around to the mark and again wrap right over it.
continue until you run out of wire, to start a new piece overlap it with where you left off by a few wraps.
make sure you are still wrapping in the same direction and continue until you have gone all the way around.

Step 3: First Row

choose 2 wires that are next to each other to start with
grab the stands from each wire that are next to each other (or "inside")
twist them together 2 or three times a little ways from the edge of the frame.
Do this with each pair of "inside" wires until you have gone all the way around.

Step 4: Continue

when you reach where you started twisting wires together, do the same thing again, this time a little further from frame.  Continue this until you want to create the center of your dream catcher, adding beads or other decorations as you please.

Step 5: Center

cut your wires short about 2" long, make one more row without adding any embellishments, twist the 2 wires tight and continue twisting to the end of the wires.
twist all of the twisted wires together.
tighten the twist till your wires are taught
cut the twisted wires short

Step 6: Adding the Center Ring

loosen the twist of twisted wires and slip your jump ring over the wires
finish un-twisting the twisted wires. (you should have 8 pair of twisted wires)
wrap the wires around the ring slipping them through the last row
cut them short and press the ends in the center of the ring.

your dream catcher is now ready for you to embellish.

for instructions on embellishing your wire dreamcatcher,
you can look forward to the next installment
embellishing your wire dreamcatcher with chainmaille
which will include 5+ chainmaille weaves, wire wrapping and beading techniques.

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5 years ago

How much wire does this take?


10 years ago on Introduction

What size beads did you use on the wire part?


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Thank you. You should see it as I add the embellishments. I'm even a little amazed at how it's turning out.

Oh, that is so beautiful! I love how it turned out. Was it difficult to manage all of those wires?


Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

Thank you.
All The wires were tricky at first. There's actually a step that I left out because i thought it would really confusing to explain. But I'll try.

So as you finish each twist pull the wires through to the other side so they are out of the way, and when you're finished with the row flip it over to start the next side.