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Introduction: Wire Fabric

This is a neat thing I found out with some wires. It started when I had some wire, and I would make little "power rings" with them. I was really young when I started to do this but I developed it a lot. I got bored of using 1 wire per ring, so I wanted to make bigger things.

Step 1: Make the Border

I started with a simple square. Then I put in wires inside the square (going in the same direction). I would try to make the wires a close as possible.

Step 2: Fill It In

Next, you fill the square with wires going in the same direction. The square might look like a rectangle right now, but the next step should even it out.

Step 3: Make It Stronger

Now, you put in wires going in the other direction. it doesn't have to be as close together as the other wires, but it will still work. This step is tricky because you have to alternate weather the wire goes under or over another wire. I like to put in at least five wires, but each wire you have to put in the opposite way. If one wire goes under another wire, the next wire has to go over the same wire. It is kind of confusing, but it makes it extremely more durable.

Step 4: Link Them Together

Now if you make more, you can take another wire, and then link the squares together to make them bigger. If you link them the right way, you can even fold them up and condense them.

Step 5: Modify Your Design

Once you master making the squares, you can make more advanced squares like ones with holes, or triangles. I made a couple of those and then I made a little house.

Step 6: Not Only the Fabric

Now if your not that good at making the squares, you can always make a chain mail-type thing. What I do is I simply create a small ring, and make more rings going through the last ring. You can keep them like that, or you can change the shape of the rings into figure 8s or something like that. This is a very simple design and it feels good too.

Step 7: Something Else

Now, you don't have to do either of these designs. when I was little I made a small little shirt out of these (I was really little when I made it so it's not that good). The picture isn't that good but it does work. I also have made other things too that are kind of cool. The possibilities are endless.

Step 8: What You Need

All you need is some wires. The ones I use come from grocery stores. Yes, they do come from grocery stores. Places I know that have them are...

  • Wegmans
  • Jewl Osco
  • Butera Market

The wires are supposed to tie bags with them, but they are so much better. The wires are about 3 inches long. You need a bunch so... you should get a bunch of them.

Step 9: More Stuff

There is one more thing you can make. It has more suspension than just one wire. You have to take 1 wire and put another wire rotated 90*. then you fold them up and there you go. It is also cool because you can stretch them out.

I am making new designs so I will post them when I make them.

Thanks for reading!

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    7 years ago on Introduction

    Interesting use! I like it! Thanks for sharing and welcome to the community!