Introduction: Wire Heart Ring

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Hi! Here I'll be showing you how I made this simple heart ring out of wire.

You will need:

- A Ring Mandrel

- Wire Cutters

- Round Nose Pliers

- Wire (20 Gauge)

Step 1: Make Loop at End of Wire

Use the pliers to form a small loop at the end of the wire, then flatten it. This will keep the end from being a sharp point that could hurt you.

Step 2: Form the Ring

Bend the wire so you have formed this "v" shape.

Find the right size on the mandrel, hold the wire there, and start bending it around.

Wrap it all the way around the mandrel, tightly.

Step 3: Form the Top of the Heart

Where the wire reaches all the around and is even with the bottom of the heart (the v), bend it at a 90 degree upwards.

Next, form a half circle (sorry this photo is blurry!).

Then bend the wire upwards again.

Then form another half circle.

At this point, it should form a "3" shape.

Step 4: Finish Off the Wire End

At the top of the "3", bend the wire upwards. Trim it, leaving a very short amount of wire sticking up.

Use this to create a small loop, then flatten it. Try to turn it, so the loop is behind and doesn't show much.

Step 5: Adjust

At this point, you'll just need to adjust everything so it all lines up right and the heart looks how you want it to.

Put it back onto the mandrel and make sure it is still the right size and shape.

Step 6: You're Done!

That's it, You've just made a wire heart ring!

If you make this, I'd love to see it! Tag me on instagram @wherethecreativethingsare.

Thank you!