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Introduction: Wire Loop Game Tutorial

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We are IoTalabs and we are a group of Internet of Things enthusiasts that love hacking together different devices. We've been working on many projects and we wanted to share our experience making a wire loop game!

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The wire loop game is a steady hand game that is well known and is seen at amusement parks. This game is a challenging and competitive game where you are playing the number of touches against time. The player has to get the right balance between speed and skill in order to obtain the quickest time.

Step 1: Materials

The following materials can be gotten from any hardware store like Ace. You can take the liberty of choosing different batteries and can solder joints together rather than getting alligator clips. There is not just one way to do accomplish this.

  • Metal wire
  • 9 volt battery
  • LED or light bulb
  • Buzzer (optional)
  • Wood base
  • Alligator clip wires
  • Wire stripper

Step 2: The Loop

Make your own design for for the wire maze to match the size and the design of your frame or stand. The difficulty level of the game is decided during construction by choosing the diameter of the wand loop, and by choosing the number of curves and corners in the wire, so feel free to make as many twists and turns as you want.

The circuit design is completely independent from the design of the frame or stand so you can make it into whatever you want.

Step 3: Making the Circuit

Start by identifying the positive and negative side of all components. Look for + signs and - signs that mark the positive and negative sides.

Decide about the location of the components based on your design and install them securely on the board or frame you have prepared. If you are using a wooden base or frame, you can use screws to mount the components such as lamp holder, battery holder and buzzer. Note that only bare wire can create an electrical contact. Carefully remove the wire insulation from the contact points as needed with a wire stripper.

Step 4: The Wand

The loop wand is a solid wire that you have made a loop on one end of it. Wrap one end of the copper wire around a round object, like a pencil, to make a loop. The other end of the loop wand connects to the wire with the alligator clip for easy attachment.

Step 5: Hooking It All Up

Connect the negative side of your power source (or the black wire of your battery holder) to your wire maze. (We made a hole the same size as the maze diameter, then inserted the black wire in the hole before inserting the maze in the base board.

Connect the positive side of your power source (the red wire of the battery holder) and the red wire of the buzzer together and to one side of the lamp holder. Connect the black wire of the buzzer to the other side of the lamp holder and then to the loop wand.

Step 6: Time to Play!

Now move the wand throughout the loop. If you touch the wire, the light (and/or buzzer) should go off, indicating that the circuit works and that you have to start over again.

Now the only thing left to do is bring your friends over and challenge them to play!

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