Introduction: Wire Mermaid Earrings

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I've been making projects based on the old Suji Wire Crafts kits, marketed by the X-Acto Company in the 1950's, since 1961. I have made skiers that would go down a slanted surface, and dragons with wings. I have also made earrings. This Instructable will show you how to make mermaid earrings that are fun and eyecatching.

Step 1: You Need...

  • 2 - Earring Wires - the kind that looks like a fishhook with a small loop for attaching the fancy part of the earring. (Optional - the plastic earring backers that keep the ear wire from slipping out of the earring hole in the ear.)
  • Telephone wire (plastic-coated, 22 to 26-guage) - I used two colors, orange and green. For each mermaid, you will need:
    • Orange - 9-inch (for the head) and 18-inch (for the upper torso and the arms) pieces.
    • Green - 32-inch piece (or 2 16-inch pieces) for the skeleton or armature, and another 16-inch piece for the lower torso and tail.
  • Scissors or Wire Cutters.

Step 2: The Skeleton

First, thread a green wire through the loop in the earring wire. Fold the green wire in half, with the earring wire at the bend. fold the doubled wire at three inches from the "hook," and fold at intervals of 4 inches (If you use 2 16-inch wires, fold them at 4-inch intervals, and place them with the previous bundle). Bend down two of the cut ends about 1 1/2 inches (for the arms).

Step 3: The Head

Fold the 9-inch orange wire in half. Hang it around the 6 upper skeleton wires, just below the earring wire. Wrap one end 7 times around the core, keeping the coil tight, not allowing any green wire to show between the wrappings, and not letting the wrappings to cross and be bumpy. Wrap the other end of the orange wire 5 times in the opposite clock-direction. The unwrapped gap at the bottom will represent the neck of the mermaid. If there is extra wire that wasn't used for the wrappings, it may be trimmed off with scissors or cutters.

Step 4: The Body and One Arm

Fold the 16-inch orange wire so that one end is two inches longer than the other. Hang the bent wire around the eight core wires below the bent-down arm wires. wrap the shorter end 4 times up toward the neck. If there is a gap of green showing below the neck, push the wrapping up until the green doesn't much. Wrap out the arm 18 times tightly.

Step 5: The Rest of the Body and the Other Arm

Wrap the longer end of the orange wire 4 times around the first coil, then out the other arm 18 times. Trim any extra wire, orange and green.

Step 6: The Fishy Part, Part One

Fold the remaining 16-inch green wire at the 5-inch mark. Hang it around the mermaid's midriff, up against the orange wires, and begin wrapping with the long end. After 12 wraps around the core, trim off two of the core wires, to begin the tapering of the tail. After another 6 turns, snip off another pair of the core wires, After a final 6 turns, trim off the wrapping wire. Fold out the two folds of wire to make the tail fins.

Step 7: The Fishy Part, Part Two

With the shorter end of the green wire, wrap 6 times around the first set of wrappings, and trim the wire.

Step 8: Make Another One

You have made one mermaid earring. Now, you can make another one for the other ear.

Step 9: Twist & Wear

Pose the mermaids by bending the arms and tail. Either fan out the green wires for the hair, or drape them over a shoulder to the front. Trim them to your desired length.

Now , you can take each Wire Mermaid Earring and, as the old saying goes, "Hang it in your ear!"

I hope you enjoyed this Instructable, an entry in the 2021 Jewelry contest.

Happy crafting!

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