Introduction: Wire Nail Heart

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Flowers...chocolates...wire nail heart!

Show you love them by making this super easy wire nail heart

Step 1: Get the Bits Together

Two 100mm wire nails

Plumbers solder

Plumbers Flux

Butane/propane torch


Old sledge hammer head as an anvil

File or rotary tool for cleaning up.

This project uses standard plumbers solder to fix the two halves of the heart together, strong enough for this little heart.

Step 2: Heat the Nail

Step 3: Hammer Into Shape

Step 4: More Heating

Step 5: More Hammering Into Shape

Step 6: Heat + Hammer the Nail Head Into Shape

Step 7: Make Nail Heads Shiny Clean

Step 8: Cut a Little Plumbers Solder

Step 9: Bash Flat

Step 10: Flux the Nail Heads

Step 11: Solder Together

Step 12: Make Shiny

Step 13: Give to Your Loved One

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