Introduction: Wire Palm Tree

I've seen tons of wire tree instructions, but none for palms. Bear with me- this is my first instructable :)

What you need:

Small craft scissors or an exact o knife

Wire ( I used floral wire from the dollar store)

Fake leaves- any shape works as you will cut them to shape.

Hemp or jute rope (even yarn will work)


Wire cutters

A base (shell, wood, whatever you want)

Drill and/or hot glue gun

Optional: sand, brown beads, small shells or trinkets.

Step 1: Here Is a Lovely Pic of Tools Used.

Step 2: Shape Your Leaf and Run Your Wire.

Cut your palm leaf from your artificial leaf. I am able to make 5 leaves out of 1 artificial leaf.

For attaching the wire you have two choices: You can hot glue your leaf to the wire or run the wire through the leaf as I have done. I fold over the end of the wire at the leaf tip.

Step 3: Cut Your Leaves.

Cut your leaves to form palm leaves. I cut straight on for the tips and angle the rest of my cuts down the sides as pictured. Try to make your cuts thin for more body. There is no exact size to the cuts I make. I usually make my palms with of 9 or 10 leaves for fullness. You can make them with more or less leaves to your liking. Don't worry if you cut off one of your small slivers of leaf on accident- real palms take a beating with the breeze which will give your tree a realistic look.

Step 4: Add Your Rope.

Once I have all the leaves done, I give the bundle of wire a good twist and string my hemp through the top of my twisted wire. I tie it once then wrap the rope around excess rope from other end and the wire. I take a few pieces of wire from the bottom and wrap them around my rope tightly to hold the rope in place. Trim off your excess rope. You can either keep the excess wire to help attach it to your base or cut it off. I added pictures of both methods.

Step 5: Pick Your Base.

Choose your base. You can either run your wire through it or drill a hole in your base and hot glue it. Be sure to wear safety goggles and a dust mask when drilling your base! Once your attach your tree to it's base you are done!

Step 6: Optional Decorations.

I added some sand and small shells to my finished trees. You could also add small brown beads as coconuts. I found that the dollar store sparkly glue worked better to keep my sand on than my all purpose glue did. Whatever works!

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