Wire Pendants




Introduction: Wire Pendants

beading wire is so much cheaper then already made jewlery, plus these homemade idems have this, kinda edgy look to them!

what you will need:

1. beading wire, or any wire thats bendable, including paper clips!
2. sissors or pilaires that cut.
3. pilaires to bend the wire, you could also use your hands, but it might hurt your hands alittle bit.


4. paint of any kind.
5. tape, paper, clay, etc. (to cover wire)
6. other tools, to cut or to strighten the wire.

Step 1: Step 1: Cutting and Strightening

cut beading wire to whatever the length you want, or you can make the pendent, charm, braclet, earings, (etc) before cutting!

take the pilaires and straighten the wire!

if you want you can draw out a lifesize picture or free hand it! Trail and error is the way i go!

Step 2: Step 2:

bend your wire to any shape and size. Dont be afarid to make mistakes my teacher always said, if you cant make a mistake you cant make anything!

you can make anything you can imagaine, not always true but you could still try!

Step 3: Step 3: (some Parts Opitional)

if you made a piece but dont like it in the future you can always remake it ir trow it out!


put the piece on a soild surfaceand paint it, or put on some string, duct tape, etc.


dont be afraid to smuther it, the more paint the more colour! you might like to put a sealer so it stays longer!

string, tape, etc.

wrap the meaterial around the wire, then if wanted paint it!

Step 4: Chain

you can put the piece on any string, chain or yarn, on this topic, dont forget to add a hole for the chain!

enjoy your cheap piece and dont forget to tell me your reaults!

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