Introduction: Wire Phone Stand

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This: inspired me to make this instructable, I hope he doesn't mind that I showed how he did this cause it was awesome!

Most of the instructions are on the photos, it is easier for me to tell you that way then to explain it out in writing. 

This is my very first instructable, so be gentle with me :)

Step 1: Tools

All these are my jewelry tools: a pair of blunt cutters (which you can use but be very careful when cutting because it could brake your cutters, I learned this from experience. green handles) a pair of pliers (black handles) a pair of wire cutters (orange handles, but will crimp the ends into a sharp point, hence me using the blunt cutters, you can use these, but then sand the ends) and a pair of round nose pliers (red handles, not even sure if that's the right name for them) plus the most important thing 14 gauge wire I got from Walmart for around 4 bucks for a very large roll, I use it for everything. (no photo, sorry)

By the way the photo is upside down, sorry again. :)

Step 2: Measure

I used a piece of wire about 16 inches long (42 cm for those who may not know what inches are) I wasn't sure how long the wire was that he used so I just guessed and went with it. Then I straightened it out cause it was in a circle. 

Step 3: Bend One

Now I'm pretty good at eyeballing stuff, but if you need to measure then go for it. But I used my round nose pliers for this and just eye'd it in the middle and gave it a good bend in half. 

Now using the flat nose pliers just give it a pinch where the bend it to bring the wire closer inwards.

Step 4: Bend Two

I went about half way down the wire and gave it another bend.

Step 5: Bend Three

And once again we give it yet another bend. But this time, bending up toward you.

Step 6: Bend Four

And we bend once more, but this time down toward you. 

Step 7: Bend Five

Now grab it again about half way and give it a bend up.

Step 8: Bend Six

Now he had stopped at the last bend but I took mine just a bit further by bending the ends over and away from where the phone would sit. Using the round nose pliers I just grabbed an end and gave it a quick loop, even though they didn't touch, I still it gives it a bit of character. 

You could always use the needle nose pliers and pinch them together if you choose too.

Step 9: Completed

And there you go, just give it a few extra tweaks here and there, pull a few spots to make your phone sit nicely and you got yourself a phone stand to impress all your friends with. Well maybe your mom cause she likes anything you do right? I'm sure if you use a longer piece of wire you could get a taller back and longer sides. I just wanted to see if I could make it and it turned out pretty good. So I thought I'd share how I did it.

Hope you enjoy this, I did my best at making my first instructable. YAY, now I'm one of the big boys!

Inspiration for this can be found here: