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These romantic wire rings feature a row of three roses. They are very pretty, smooth and comfortable to wear. They are also easy to make and can be as simple or as ornate as you want.

Step 1: What You Need

Jewelry wire - 18 inches of 20 gauge, round, dead soft

Wire Cutters

Jewelry pliers (flat or chain nose)

Round nose pliers

Ring mandrel

Note: You will use the mandrel to shape the ring base. While it is very convenient, if you don't have a ring mandrel, find a sturdy object like a fat marker, a dowel or a small bottle that is your ring size to wrap your wire around.

Step 2: Begin

If you have a ring that fits you well, drop it onto your ring the mandrel and see what size it is. If you're not sure what size you need, use a piece of string to measure the circumference of your finger and then put the string around the ring mandrel.

Plan to make your ring a little bigger than your actual ring size to accommodate the wire wraps.

Cut 18 inches of 20 gauge, round, dead soft jewelry wire. You can use any metal, including colored craft wires. Just be aware, that some enameled wire will chip and rings can get a lot of wear. I prefer silver filled, bronze or copper wire.

Find the approximate center of your wire. Set it against your ring mandrel a little bigger than the right size marking and hold it in place with your thumb.

Step 3: Make the Base

With your other hand bend the wire all the way around the mandrel so that it goes behind and comes back to the front again.

Make sure the wires but do not cross in the back.

Step 4: Ring Base

Make sure you have one wire going in one direction on the top, the second wire in the center, which goes around the back and last the bottom wire going in the other direction.

Grab the two wires that are going in opposite directions and twist them together as close to the mandrel as possible. You may need pliers to help you pull this tight. Try to stay on your mandrel sizing mark.

Take your ring off the mandrel.

Step 5: Secure the Base

Take one of the wire tails and wrap it twice around the ring the base, going from the center outward. You will probably need pliers to help you do this. Be careful not to bend the base out of shape. Repeat with the second wire.

Step 6: Start the Middle Rose

Put the ring back on the mandrel and slide it down to reshape the base. Run one wire tails through one of the loops in the center of the ring and pull it through. If you don't have a loop big enough, just run the wire behind the base and end up in the very center of the ring.

This may be tricky, use pliers and have patience.

Step 7: Rose

Now wind the second wire a couple of times around the first one in the center. Then take the center wire and wind it over the first wire again.

Keep spiraling the wires over and under each other as you go around the center shape. You will start to see a rose shape form.

Step 8: Wind the Petals

Step 9: Center Rose

When you have about an inch and a half of wire left, finish spiraling so that the tails point in opposite directions.

Step 10: Adjust the Rose

Take your ring off the mandrel again.

You can use your pliers to flatten your rose a little bit if you want.

Step 11: Wrap the Base

Just like at the beginning, take each tail, and in opposite directions, wind them around the ring base tightly, going outward. Wind each wire twice. Use your pliers. The wire will be getting very stiff and hard to bend.

Step 12: Start the Side Roses

Make a tiny loop on the end of each tail.

Step 13:

Spiral the loop and tuck the spiral under the center rose. Repeat with the other side.

Step 14: Adjust Shape

Put your ring back on the mandrel and bend back into shape if necessary.

Step 15: Done!

Your ring is now finished!

Though I think they look beautiful with a nice patina. It brings out the detail in the wire.

Step 16: Pretty : )

My ring is oxidized bronze with a sealer.

Step 17: Variations

After you've made one or two, try adding beads and crystals to the center of your roses.

You can also try different metals, finishes and embellishments. Have fun!

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