Wire Skeleton for Dolls




Introduction: Wire Skeleton for Dolls

Me and my youngest daughter had the idea of creating a film with the dolls she won, using the technique of stop motion. To this end, we developed a skeleton very easy to be created. This tutorial will focus only on the creation of the metal skeleton. Hope you enjoy.

The first step is to create the story and choose the characters.

Step 1: Materials

- A doll;

  - Needle and thread the color of the doll;

  - Scissors;

  - Rigid copper wire (do not know what gauge of wire goes through feeling);

  - Soldering tin, solder

Step 2: Creating the Skeleton

On top of the figure, measure the wire pieces to be cut, taking care to place them already in the shape of the doll body. Making the legs, arms and trunk.

  Then just solder the parts.

Note: I peeled the wire because I wanted to experiment with water electrolysis. I put salt water in a plastic bottle and sank two wires with bare ends. There, I put in a battery and touched the body of the doll. The visual effect was cool. Bubbles come out of the skeleton. It reminded me of an episode of the X-Men when Wolverine was for the future and saw his skeleton kept in an aquarium.

  It is not necessary to strip the wire completely. Simply peel the ends where it will be a soldier. Be careful because the soldering iron heats up very destragar the doll and can get in contact with him.

Step 3: Putting the Skeleton on the Doll

It was enough to pull some points back seam of the doll and a little filler. Then just put the skeleton back to put the stuffing and sew the part descosturada.

  The doll was left with a plethora of movements

Step 4: Making the Movie

We had a fight scene where the coyote (my favorite) wins. Hence forward, the imagination is the limit.

I hope you enjoyed. Comments are always welcome.

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    That is absolutely awesome! It is fun to play with dolls with wire skeletons, but I never thought of adding a skeleton to one. Great idea :)


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you! My daughter also loved it. Now your dolls can ride a bike, standing, walking ...


    9 years ago on Introduction

    This is such a great way to add functionality to carnival toys and other stuffed animals! I would love to modify the product so it didn't require soldering. Without the need for soldering, a group of kids (old and young) could all bring their dolls to a workshop and make their own action figures out of them.

    Thanks for sharing.