Wire Tree Necklace




Introduction: Wire Tree Necklace

I have had a few people ask me on how these pendants are made so i figured why not make this my first Instructable.

its not that difficult once you get the hang of it and they can usually be made with in a day or less depending on distractions.

this one here is for a more simple version but if you can easily add beads if you wanted to.

Step 1: Materials / Supplies

You will need

  • two different gauges of wire here i used 18 (thick) and 27 (thin) but you can use any two sizes depending on how big you want your pendant (for this i used recycled electrical wire)
  • wire cutters (ones that can fit in to tight spaces are handy)
  • needle nose pliers preferably ones that don't have teeth this will minimize markings to the 18 gauge wire and from breaking the 26 gauge
  • round looping needle nose pliers
  • optional: a clamp that has a soft material so wire does not get marked ....if you don't have a clamp you can easily do this with two sets of pliers

Step 2: Making the Stalk

to start you will be using the thinner wire 27 gauge, pliers and clamp

  1. cut 7 strands of wire to about 10 inches long
  2. line them up and place the ends in the clamp and twist the strands loosely together if you make it tight your stalk will be thinner
  3. once they are twisted take out of clamp and fold it in half but make sure to leave a loop at the end than place back in to clamp (loop end) and loosely twist those strands together

Step 3: Making the Stalk

once you have it twisted together cut the loop and un-twist the ends a little bit to start the branches and then set this piece aside

you can also get more creative with the stalk

in stead of twisting the two halves together you can add a 3rd twisted strand and make a braided stalk

or you can add more strands to make it even fuller

Step 4: Making the Frame

now take your thicker wire 18 gauge and determine how big you want your pendant

  1. circle out your wire and make sure to leave a little extra for the loop
  2. using your round needle nose pliers make a loop on each end of the circle making sure to face them in the direction that you want your necklace cord to go in
  3. make sure the loops fit flush up against each other when you squeeze the frame closed

Step 5: Closeing the Frame

  1. take a little bit of the thinner wire and pass it through the loops and weave it through a few times making sure it is tight
  2. once you feel it is secure and there is enough end strands left twist them together
  3. then wrap it around the seam of the two loops
  4. push the little end piece of to the side of the frame that will be hidden / held together later with the tree

Step 6: Sizing the Stalk

now that the frame is made now you can size the stalk to fit

un-twist the ends till you are happy with the height of the stalk and that it fits comfortably in the frame

remember you want to make sure you leave enough space on the top half so you have room for the branches and a small space at the bottom for the roots

Step 7: Branching Out

now you can separate the top and bottom strands

take one of the longer pieces and wrap it around the base of the branches and do the same around the roots

this helps to add strength and keep the strands stable while you are moving the branches

once this is done fan out your branches and roots

Step 8: Branches and Roots

  • now section off where you want your thicker branches to be and the smaller ones i went with a 4,3,3,4 strand count on the top and 5,4,5 strand on the bottom twist each section
  • and then once thicker branches are made make the smaller ones like you did with the thicker branches but instead only twist 2 strands

make sure to frequently check it to the frame when you are making your branches so you don't over twist

you want to make sure there is enough room for it to sit comfortably for you to wrap it to the frame

Step 9: 2 and 2 Together

  1. place the tree on the frame where you want it
  2. wrap the top middle branches that are on each side of the loops first around the frame and then the roots each end one (this will keep the tree in place while you work)
  3. i started by wrapping the roots to the frame first smoothing and tightening the wrap with the flat pliers
  4. then continued with the branches using the same technique

on this step you can add beads if you like to fill the branches like leaves

you could also use birth stones and make a great gift for mothers day

Step 10: Finishing

now all you have to do is attach a cord or chain and enjoy your new tree pendant

thank you for reading my instructable i hope you enjoyed it

and if you do plan to give it a try i would love to see it so please post it in the comment section

happy crafting :)


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5 years ago

Thank you for sharing. I didn't realize how complicated this is. Maybe I'll be buying one! I can appreciate the time it takes to made one.


7 years ago on Step 10

very well planned out instructable. I have made this tree of life in a beading class and I wish I had had such clear directions when I made it! Congratulations

(to make it better, check your spelling. For example, plural of leaf is leaves)


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

thanks :) i tried to make sure to have enough pictures to make it easy to follow

(that error has now been fixed)


7 years ago on Introduction

This is a great looking necklace! I love the clever way you made the tree. Excellent first instructable too.

(I hope you share more of your work here soon!)


Reply 7 years ago on Introduction

thank you for the comment

i was having a hard time deciding what to do for my first one but i had a lot of fun making it hopefully ill have another one soon :D

it took me quite a few weeks of trial and error to come down to the design of the tree but im happy with what i went with i feel that the twisted look almost gives it a vine feel and makes it a bit more natural


7 years ago

Cool design. Thanks for sharing. I'll have to try this.