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Introduction: Wire Wrapped Copper Ring

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Copper is wonderful material for jewelry especially if you have warm undertone of the skin.

It's also very easy to work with it , just perfect for beginners.

I used only basic tools so you don't need any special equipment for making this ring :-).

Step 1: What Do You Need for Making This Ring?

You need:

  1. copper wire 2.0 and 0.5 mm diameter
  2. flat -nose pliers
  3. round- nose pliers
  4. vise ( optional) or adhesive tape
  5. thick marker

Step 2: How to Measure Finger Circuit to the Ring?

with the help of thin copper wire measure the the finger circuit ( see photo)

when you have the measurement cut 3 pieces of copper wire (2.0 mm diameter)

Step 3: How to Make a Ring in Wire Wrapping Technique?

hold 3 pieces of copper wire in a vise or stick them together with adhesive tape and begin to weave wire ( 0.5 diameter) according to the instructions on the photos

wrap and squeeze with pliers

Step 4: How to Finish the Work?

now it's the final stage, with the help of sand paper or nail file round off the sharp edges of the wire and give it the round shape on for example thick marker with the help of pliers

remember to cover the pliers with thick fabric or leather before you begin to work

Step 5: How the Wire Wrapped Rings Look Like?

here is how ready rings look like :-)

as you can see copper jewelry looks beautiful , it's really worth to make!

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    4 years ago

    I like this ring a lot but I feel like something's missing in the last instructions - "give it the round shape on for example thick marker with the help of pliers"

    In the pic of the final ring where you don't see the wires sticking out, did you file them all the way down and just squeeze it together or did you smooth and round them and then push each side into each other, kind of like intertwining them? I ask because I'm wondering if you don't do that, does the wire ravel off the end with use?



    5 years ago

    The Copper rings looks great and with weaved design, i hope its more resistant to heat too.


    Reply 5 years ago

    thanks :-D,I must honestly say I didn't put my hand into the fire to check such heat , but on normal heat it is super resistant :-)!


    Reply 5 years ago

    yes..thats great :) !!