Introduction: Wired Arduino Weather Station

First attempt at an arduino project and I found it interesting to build. Total costs were around $50.00 for all parts.

Step 1: Outputs

I designed this unit to output to 20x4 lcd, and in addition, outputting additional info also on serial port for capture to database in the future( I hope). I wired it up with cat5 cabling instead of doing wireless as amateur radio usage interfered with the spectrum of available unlicensed devices available. Sketch set to update every 60 seconds.

Step 2:

Edit sketch included at the following locations:

#define DHTTYPE DHT11 // set DHT11 or DHT22 for type of sensor used
#define ALTITUDE 256.0 //Station altitude where station is located in METERS

Step 3: Parts Used

1-Arduino Uno- $11.25 (eBay)

2-RJ45 PCB Jack - $0.59ea (eBay)

1-BMP180-$1.90 (eBay)

2-DHT11-$2.35ea (eBay)

1-DS3231RTC -$3.50 (eBay)

1-20X4 I2C 2004 LCD Module - $9.00 (eBay)

1-75' CAT5 Cable - $8.00 (eBay)

Weatherproof 2 gang electrical box- $5.62 (Lowes)

Cover for elect box - $1.20 (Lowes)

Various hookup wires.

Total Costs less than $50.00

Step 4: UPDATES:

Update- I found I was still getting communication errors on cat5 of 75'. After replacing it with a 25' all errors stopped. I expect there's a limit on I2C cable distance.

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