Wired Cubes - the Origami Cube

Introduction: Wired Cubes - the Origami Cube

About: FabSpaces designs workshops for kids where simple fabrication techniques are combined with a high-dose of fun to teach kids better ways to manage technology.

At FabSpaces we run workshops for kids where we use very simple fabrication techniques to create interesting activities that deliver a high dose of technology education.   Our Wired Cubes workshop is all about understanding the basics of electronic circuits, but we've added a twist:   we do it mostly with paper!

In this first video we are only showing the steps necessary to build a cube.   You'll find plenty of other instructables  to show you the details on how to build this particular type of cube, like this one by Applejuice11.  Just make sure you follow our suggestions about how to use the red and black sheets of paper.

In the second video of this series, we spark things up by adding batteries, LEDs and conductive tape.

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    This looks like fun to make! What is the reason and the red needs to be opposite the black?


    Reply 9 years ago on Introduction

    Glad you asked! I'm just finishing editing part 2 of the video, where we "wire" the cubes so they can be used as a platform for electronic components. To accomplish this we use the RED face to run one of the wires and the BLACK face to run the other. This notation is kind of standard in electronics but also makes it easier to figure out how to connect things. Follow us and you'll see what we mean.