Introduction: Wired Remote Control Robot

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1.Introduction .

2.Components & its Specifications.

3.How to connect motor to chassis.

4.How to connect DPDT Switch with motors & Battery.

A manual robot is a type of manipulation robotic system that requires complete human intervention for its operation. The manual type of robotic system requires a particular kind of human control

Step 1: Components

2.Components & its Specifications
a. Metal chasis bot body)

b.t7cm diameter plastic wheel

c.2 DC gear motors

d .9v Battry(also we can used 12v adaptor)

e. 3m rainbow wire

f. Double pole double throw switch (DPDT)

g. DPDT Switch box

h. Soldering rod

i. Soldering lead

j. wire cutter

k. multimeter

a. metal chassis(robot body)

This will be the body of our robot. One i am using here is a ready made chassis which has provisions for mounting motors. You can even make your own custom chassis using something like a mica sheets or wood.

c. dc-gear motor-2nos

Lets start with the basic definition, motor is a machine which will convert electrical energy into mechanical. Thus by simply providing electrical energy, we will make the motor shaft rotate. Here we’ll be working with geared motors. This type of motors will use gears in it. something similar to one we see in old clocks, machines and even in some branded watch. A motor does not specifically have its terminals defined. i.e you can provide either positive or negative supply to any of the terminal which will decide it's direction of rotation. For example if the two terminals in the motor are named 1 and 2 then when terminal 1 is connected to positive and 2 to negative, the shaft rotates in clock wise direction and vice versa when the connection is reversed.

d.9v Battry(also we can used 12v adapter)

This will provide the necessary electrical energy for the motors to operate

g.DPDT Switch box & Double pole double throw switch (DPDT)

This is one of the important component in building the robot ! This is the switch which we will be using in order to control our robot. As the name says, it is double pole double throw switch. By using this, we will be able to control the control direction like, it can rotate either clockwise or counter clockwise. We will discuss about this connection later.

h. Soldering rod & Soldering lead

Soldering rod is used to solder wires to motors.

Step 2: Interfaing of DPDT Switch With Motors & Battery

From the above diagram we can easily connect the motor with battery & DPDT switch .

Step 3: Using Robot Control

Before designing control wired we have to learn basic movement of robot which is shown in above table.

Step 4: Now Our Robot Is Ready to Move

DPDT Switches Using Circuitthis is our robot look like.

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