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Introduction: Wireless Bit Wise Data Transmission

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I'm gonna show you how to Transmit wireless single bit Data form a Transmitter to a Receiver.

This setup requires an Encoder and a Decoder for multiple Data Transmission.

We're using a 433 MHz channel to transmit the data.

This Data can travel over a range of 40 meters.

Step 1: Components Required

  • Battery (Power Supply) 5V each.
  • Bread Board.
  • Jumper Wires.
  • Push Button Switches.
  • 433 MHz Transmitter.
  • 433 MHz Receiver.
  • Encoder HT12E.
  • Decoder HT12D
  • LEDs 4.

Step 2: Circuit Connections

1] Transmitter Circuit.

2] Receiver Circuit.

3] Encoder Circuit.

4] Decoder Circuit.

Connect the Circuits as per the Circuit Diagram.

Connect TE pin and the com pin to the ground in the Transmitter Circuit.

Step 3: Output

Supply 5V to both the circuits Individually. (you can also have a common Power Supply)

Connect the Output Data pins of the Decoder to Positive terminals of the LEDs.

And ground the Negative terminals of the LEDs.

Now Power up the circuit and Check the Output.

For Better Understanding Watch the Video.

Thank you!

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    Question 1 year ago on Introduction

    Could I add this to a device that's gathering data then trasmit. So for argument sakesay I have a device that has a storage device but I wish to gain access wirelessly how would I go about creating such a device