Introduction: Wireless Boombox of Car Stereo & Subwoofer

The idea to unite the car with the computer is on the surface and excites young technicians for many years. Without calling genius Elon Musk, has its own way to achieve excellent results, collecting such a boom box. I must say that the price of this project aims to 1 US dollar, almost all of the ingredients found in the garage, including computer parts.

Step 1: Preparation


Passive Speakers 4, 8 ohm subwoofer;

Power supply unit 12 V, 3 A;

Car noname stereo;

Ribbon cable;

Power on / off button;

Bluetooth dongle;

RCA cable; Glue;

Blue insulating tape :-)

The main thing is when you connect the power to know the pinout car. I got a tape recorder without the "chips", so the quest was to find a single scheme of the Chinese miracle. If you selected plus-minus, and, while not burned unit, all other pins can be fearlessly Connect - is the audio output.

Step 2: Sawing

Sawing :-)

Step 3: As a Ship in a Bottle

The control panel of the stereo has been disconnected, and the plume extended ribbon cable (formerly managed old HDD). This operation is made from aesthetic considerations for installation in the central panel of the housing (recorder main part is placed on the bottom of the column). Loading recorder and the power supply is made through a hole dismantled subwoofer. Expand the hole did not want to, so to download stereo was partially dismantled and then assembled back, but inside. As a ship in a bottle.

Step 4: Colors Of

Coloring in wild colors. Enjoyment.