Introduction: Wireless Charger of Olive Wood

Material : Olive Wood (160mm x 120mm x 15mm)
1. Choose the right wood. I get my olive wood from
2. Take a routing machine ( Makita Oberfräse RT0700CX2J) and cut an area for the pcba platine .(130mm x 90mm x 11 mm).
It is very important that the space between the Platine and the mobile phone is not to big.
3. Put the right amount of resin and hardener in the opening. In my case I chose 100ml resin and 60ml hardener. I bought it on amazon, the name of the supplier is longfair. Some of my woods have holes, for that I sticked them with a parcel tape. After I closed all openings, sticked the usb wire in the platine and mixed the liquids together, I steady poured the mixed liquid over the fixed pcba platine.
4. Grinding, grinding,....see step 1.

Step 1: Several Grinding Sessions

After nearly one night of drying I started it with the first grinding sessions with a disc sander. I had to done it with the machine because during the drying some resin flowed out , I didn’t know why. So the wood came together with card board. I started with a grain size of the grinding disc from 80, and I went up to 300. The pictures show the resin and the card board.
After the disc sander I went on by hand with several different grinding papers. I worked in my living room on the kitchen of my son.;)
The grind size went on with 400 and ended with 12000.:) After the last grinding session I washed the piece of wood with a wet cotton towel.

Step 2: