Introduction: Wireless Electricity From Trash

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I had made the wireless electricity power transmitter and receiver and they are completely made from trash.

Step 1: Gathering Materials

Materials we need from the trash.

1. Transformer from the old stabilizer

2. Motor and LED from an old toy

We also need some tape and 12v DC power supply.

Step 2: Removing Copper Wire From Transformer

Open the transformer using pliers and screwdriver and remove the copper wire.

Step 3: Make Coils From Transformer Copper Wire

Make two coils from copper wire and secure them using tape.

Step 4: Make Transmitter Coil

To make a transmitter coil make the following circuit:-

1. Connect 12v + to coil first wire.

2. Connect the second wire of the coil to dc motor.

3. Connect 12v - to the motor.

Step 5: Make the ​receiver Coil

To make the receiver coil connect one wire of coil to + of LED and another to - of the LED.

Step 6: Testing

To test it turn on the power supply and take the receiver coil near the transmitter coil. And when you take the receiver coil near transmitter coil the magic will happen and the led will glow up.

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