Introduction: Wireless Electronic Notice Board Using Arduino

Whats app guys.. In this tutorial, we are going to make a wireless electronic notice board using arduino and bluetooth. you are going to make it step by step manner. This will help us in passing any message almost immediately without any delay just by sending a SMS which is better and more reliable than the old traditional way of passing the message on notice board. This proposed technology can be used in colleges many public places, malls or big buildings to enhance the security system and also make awareness of the emergency situations and avoid many dangers. Using Bluetooth module display the message onto the display board.


Materials Required:-

1) Arduino UNO

2)LCD 16x2

3) LCD Break up board

4)HC05 Bluetooth

Step 1: Gather the Required Components and Understand the Circuit

You can use either arduino uno, arduino nano, arduino promini for this project

I suggest you to buy the LCD Breakout board to fix the LCD.

power up the Bluetooth carefully

Step 2: Connect the LCD With Breakout Board

Connect the LCD as follows

RS -- D7

EN -- D6

D4 -- D5

D5 -- D4

D6 -- D3

D7 -- D2

adjust the contrast by turning the variable resistor on the breakout board

Step 3: Connect the Bluetooth With the Arduino

Connect the TX of the arduino to the RX of the Bluetooth

Connect the RX of the arduino to the TX of the Bluetooth

Connect VCC on arduino board to the +5v of the bluetooth as well as ground to ground.

Step 4: Download the Code From the Attachment

things to learn from the code:-

In the code, i used LCD code and Serial Reception.

in serial Reception, i planned a text format... if you want to display the given text, we have to send text in such a way " #MESSAGE* " so that i can extract the text between # and *.

Step 5: Switch ON the Hardware

After switched ON the hardware, note the led on the bluetooth blinks good and the LCD displays the title with a scrolling to the Left. if this happens, you are working perfectly

Step 6: Open "Arduino Bluetooth Control " App

Install Arduino Bluetooth Control app from play store.

this is one of the best app for the bluetooth terminal

pair our HC05 bluetooth with the pin 1234 to my mobile

1) scan device

2) select the bluetooth device

3) give no if message come

4) select TERMINAL from the home screen

5) Type the message in the format #MESSAGE*

6) touch the send button..

Now you can see your message in the LCD

Step 7: Display the Message on the LCD

If you want to watch the live demo for this project follow my youtube channel

for queries... comment me..