Introduction: Wireless IR Temperature Scanner

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Wireless IR Temperature Scanner
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Wirelessly Scan your temperature viewed using mobile phone thru Bluetooth. Place the device and view the temperature from a distance. "Can't Touch This."

Our family which includes three students entering Grade 11 & 12 which tested for temperature using thermal gun before entering the school. Commercial Thermal Infrared Gun, a non-contact forehead IR thermometer, is designed for simple, expedient and accurate initial fever screening of groups by aiming the thermometer at areas of the face such as forehead. In order to measure such person, you need to be close to the target and may result to being infected.

The purpose of this device is to wirelesly scan and view the temperature from a distance. Person who's incharge for measuring temperature before entering the building is safe from being infected and can do more task instead of standing close and measuring others.

This device uses HC06 bluetooth module that ranges up to 9 meters. Also commercial thermo gun used is expensive and to make an alternative, I made a DIY low budget version of it.



WIRING CONNECTION (BreadboardFritzing)

MLX 90614 is using I2C communication

Arduino Nano -------- MLX90614

3.3V ------------------------Vin

GND -----------------------Gnd

A5 --------------------------SCL

A4 --------------------------SDA

Arduino Nano -----------HC06 BT module

D0(Tx) ----------------------RXD

D1(Rx) ----------------------TXD

GND ------------------------GND

5V ---------------------------VCC

Step 2: Library

Download the library MLX90614 adafruit library, Open Arduino IDE and menu Tools --> Manage Libraries --> search MLX90614. and click Adafruit MLX90614 Library (Download the latest) then click install in Library Manager.

Step 3: Testing the Sensor

To test the mlx90614 sensor, open Arduino IDE, Click File --> Examples --> Adafruit MLX90614 Library --> mlxtest.

Then Upload and see serial Monitor. You can see Ambient temperature and object temperature in Celsius and Fahrenheit. Ambient Temperature also called room temperature. Object temperature is any close object or body (up to 5cm) detected.

MLX90614 Temperature Sensor Specifications

  • Operating Voltage: 3.6V to 5V (available in 3V and 5V version)
  • Supply Current: 1.5mA.
  • Object Temperature Range:
  • 70° C to 382.2°C.
  • Ambient Temperature Range: -40° C to 125°C.
  • Accuracy: 0.02°C.
  • Field of View: 80°
  • Distance between object and sensor: 2cm-5cm (approx.)

Step 4: Making Circuit in PCB, Complete Schematic Diagram

Step 5:

This is still my prototype so I used Female Pin Headers so I can change, modify or remove later but you can directly solder the parts if you want.

If you have a multi tester its better to test the solder connection before testing & powering it up.

NOTE: Before Uploading the Program Disconnect the Bluetooth Connection TX & RX or your code will not upload.



Step 8: Set Up the APP

  • Find your Bluetooth and PAIR IT first. Default password of BT are 1234 or 0000
  • Open the App pick your Bluetooth and Click Connect.

Temperature Reading for human body is

Normal: 34.8°C - 37.3°C

High: 37.4°C - 38°C

Fever: 38.1°C - 42.9°C

Optional For changing bluetooth SSID & Password here's my code:

Step 9: Video


  • Equip with a automatic door lock system. The door will not open unless your temperature is normal.
  • Equip with Facial Recognition. Recognize the user and save your data for contact tracing.
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