Wireless Motor Without Battery Using Compass

Introduction: Wireless Motor Without Battery Using Compass

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This project is amazing and wonderful . We all know that a compass is used to identify the directions and it runs free of cost without battery usage and this also we know very well that it works on magnetic field of the earth. In this tutorial I will show you how we can use this magnetic power to make a wireless motor without a motor with a video of it working in step 2.

Step 1: Electromagnet or Magnetized Magnet

If we use an electromagnet then it will become an electric motor as usual but if we use an ordinary magnet it will need our efforts to move it around but thinking more deeply I found that this can change the magnetic power to motion without any other convergence required . And that movement can be utilized to make energy (electricity).

Step 2: Video

Here is a video of it working :-

Step 3: Why Compass?

Compass had been used in this project because it contains the other magnetized magnet that repels on like poles brought near . This phenomenon can be highlighted and used as motor that is wireless because magnetic force is a non-contact force .

Step 4: How to Run Motor

You simply take a bar magnet and push it upside down or revolve it upside the compass with your small revolution the whole dial would move with it making a function of motor . In other words it is the simplest form of magnetic waves to be used to pass signals or gestures by using electromagnetic waves we just amplify these waves.

Step 5: For Future

This can be used to produce electricity and further research on this can be fruitful because this force is like a gift of god to us as attracts with its pre got power of magnetic force.


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    2 Discussions


    2 months ago

    Which position do I put the bar magnet At to make the compass spin like a motor.


    5 years ago

    magnetic fields are fun. But you moving a magnet near another magnet is powered by you. One cannot simply sit a magnet near another and expect constant and repeat rotational motion. Not with dipole magnets. However super conductors offer one possible yet not currently reasonable solution or if somehow you found a mono pole magnet. Magnetic fields can generate electricity if near metal and it is constantly changing. To do this with out an outside power source is impossible and would be a form of perpetual motion.