Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

Introduction: Rechargeable Wireless Mouse

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Easy and economical way for your wireless mouse. No more A family batteries. No need to carry big chargers.

With just a micro USB cable you can recharge your mouse battery so fast!

In just 3 steps:

Step 1: Choose a Suitable Lithium Battery Size

You need a battery to fit in the mouse battery place so you can close the door

Step 2: Wiring

Connect battery to the charger like image. You have to add a resistor o a diode in output to reduce the voltage from 3.7V to 3V.

Step 3: Recharge Your Battery Easily and Use

Just plug in the micro USB and wait for the light indicator to show it's full.

Finally you can find + and - input of your mouse battery. Fit the battery pack in battery place and enjoy :)

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