Introduction: Wireless Qi Charger for ESkate Remote

I have been using my ESkate for a while now and sometimes, the remote would start flashing red in the middle of the ride asking for it to be charged. And with no way to know how much power is left in the remote without being plugged in, it is annoying when it dies in the middle of my ride.

I then had the idea to put a Qi charger into the remote, so I can charge more frequently, just by putting it on the wireless charger.

The skate I have uses a Hobbywing ESC (similar to ones found on Ownboard,Wowgo,etc.) and the remote is an older version without the OLED screen. If your remote looks like mine, it is probably the same remote, even if it comes from a different company.

Do this at your own risk, I am not responsible for any damage done on your equipment or property.


Wireless Charging Coil Receiver Module PCB (get it on ebay or

Soldering Iron / Soldier



Step 1: Step 1: Teardown

  1. Remove the screw at the back
  2. Use a prying tool to un-clip the casing.
    • Start prying near the wheel
    • Be careful not to break the plastic clips
  3. Remove two screws to remove the PCB from the casing

Step 2: Fitting, Soldering and Finishing

Fit the charging coil and PCB against the backside of the case. I just used paper tape, but you can use some type of glue if you want to - I would suggest gluing AFTER soldering, fitting and testing as the coil might need adjustment.

Before soldering make sure to check connectivity from the micro-USB with a multimeter

Soldier the positive (RED) to the diode on the PCB.

Soldier the negative (BLACK) to the ground points.

After soldering, check the connections and test the wireless charging before putting it back all together.

Cover up the exposed soldier points with a tape.

Make sure the thumb wheel scrolls freely and nothing is lose inside the plastic case.

Step 3: Remarks

Enjoy your charger.

I'm not sure if it's normal, but my coil heats up while charging. It takes a more or less precise placement on the QI charger pad for it to work, but I like the convenience.