Wireless RC NXT Car

Introduction: Wireless RC NXT Car

This is an NXT Car me and my brother made with two NXT kits.

Step 1: What You'll Need

Two NXT 2.0 kits, A computer, The ability to write fairly complex NXT programs involving Bluetooth, reading the degrees of the motors, (Which also serve as rotation sensors), And knowing how to smooth out the jittery motors which aren't able to move in one degree increments.

Step 2: Remote

The remote was made with one NXT block, two motors, wires, and various lego pieces. The gear is the steering wheel with a stick attached to it to provide limits on the steering. The bent piece acts as a throttle, forward and reverse.

Step 3: The Car (Steering)

The car is a basic vehicle with one brick, two motors, wires, and assorted lego pieces. The steering system is quite basic, the motor rotates a piece which slides a bar back and forth, the wheels are attached to a bar. See pictures for move details, it's kind of hard to explain.

Step 4: The Car (Drivetrain)

A single motor drives the wheels forward or backward.

Step 5: Program Them

Once you have built your remote and car you can program them, my brother did most of the programming as I am not much of a programmer. Basically you need a program on the remote which tests and reads the available range of motion and adjusts its throttle and steering commands accordingly. On the car you need a program which, once paired with the remote, can receive bluetooth commands and translate them into forward and reverse motion, and steering. Good luck!

Step 6: Vote, Comment

Thank you!

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