Introduction: Wireless Switch Remote Power Switch

Nowadays, there are many smart devices out on the market that allow you to control your garage door, electrical appliances, or your door lock remotely from your phone or tablet. But their price is still remain high since it's a relatively new technology many of them cost more than $20 per switch. That's why I come up with the idea why can't we make our own wireless switches for lower price. There are similar instructions teach you how to DIY such system. However it's not handy or too hard for people to setup. Here is come the wireless switch which allow you to control your device even when you are not home !

I publish app on Google Play Store and Apple App Store, I also uploaded a skill for Amazon Echo to use voice command to turn the switches on or off.

Tools or equipments that you will need:

  • 1 x Raspberry Pi 3
  • 1 x 8GB micro-sd card
  • 1 x 433 MHz receiver and transmitter with antenna $2/$3 online
  • few jumper cables for raspberry pi
  • Wireless remote-controlled power switch/outlet (you can find one on Amazon or eBay as long as it's 433 frequency it should work they're around $5 each)
  • (optional)1 x breadboard

optional tools:

  • 3D printer (to print the case I designed or you can order it from me or someone else online)
  • 2 x RGB Tri-Color LED Diodes (for lightning effect)
  • Mini bread boad
  • 110V/220V remote-controlled switches (connecting to normal light switch)

This is what it looks like after assembling. And a short video demonstration.

Step 1: Install Operating System From Image

The fastest way is to install the system directly from the mage so you don't have to worry about any setup.

This .img file is the stock rasbian image plus all the necessary softwares installed.

Please use this link to download the image file. You also will need win32DiskImager to create a copy.

1. Download the two zip files below one is .img file the other is win32DsikImager

2. Connect 8gb micro-sd card to PC

3. Run win32DiskImager.exe

4. Click the blue folder icon and locate the .img file you downloaded

5. Click Write at the bottom and wait till it done (approximately 15 mins)

6. Eject the SD card and insert it into raspberry pi 3

Step 2: Connect 433 Receiver and Transmitter to Raspberry Pi

There are two types of

Following the diagram showed above and connect all the jumper wires according to its color. (If you want the lightning effect as showed above please go to step )

Please use this Pinout diagram from as reference and connect to receiver and transmitter to proper pin.

Step 3: Download the App From App Store and Power on Raspberry

1.On Google Play Store or iOS App Store search for "Wireless Switch"

If you have Amazon Echo you can search "Wireless Switch" on skill market

Step 4: Setup Your Raspberry

1. Connect to WiFi named "Wireless Home" using password "raspberry" on your mobile device

2. Open Wireless Switch App on your phone

3. You should see the setup screen as below, find your home WIFI (click the green refresh button if you don't see your WIFI name listed) and enter password (remember to copy the serial number on top you will need it later to register new user)

4. Once success you will see a notification on top right saying WIFI saved and "WirelessHome" WIFI will disappear which mean the device connect to your home WIFI successfully.

Step 5: Register a New Account

1.Relaunch the app

2.Create New Account (Email address will only be used to retrieve lost password)

3. Login to your account you are now able to add/remove devices

Step 6: Add New Device

I created two Random Code Generator. Simply click either one it will fill in the turn on and off code for you it works for two different brand of 433MHz switch that I have used (Generator 2 is for the one I get from Amazon)

If none of the code generator work for you, you will have to use the remote control that comes with the switch and follow the video instruction to collect the code manually.

Step 7: Setup for Echo Alexa

1. Open your Alexa app on your mobile device.

2. Search for "wireless switch" in All Skills

3. Click Enable to activate the skill

4. Login using the account just created

5. You should see a message saying "Alexa has been successfully linked with Wireless Switch"

6. Click the button Discover devices or simply ask alexa "discover devices".

Note: Every time you add new device or change device name you have to discover devices for alexa to pickup the new name

Step 8: Enjoy

I made this system just for fun, and there won't be any extra charge for now or in the future. I have been using it for almost a year right now as of 06/2017 seems very stable but I will maintain and update if needed. I have the right to terminate the service at any time so please use it responsibility. Share your feedback either you like it or not. Thank you.