Introduction: Wireless Turtle Beach Headset on XBOX ONE

Many of you know that the old XBOX 360 Controller is different from the XBOX ONE.  Due to that, all the wireless headset adapters for Turtle Beach and Tritton won't work. Turtle Beach has stated "Xbox One uses proprietary technology that only Microsoft can produce and manufacture. We have no control over this."  So as frustrated that i am for paying $300 for the Turtle Beach Tango, I decided to take action and make something work to get my headsets up and running.  Here are the steps that I took, total cost is under $20 if you have some of the parts already.

PART NEEDED (Items marked FREE are parts I already had):
1ea - ($0.10) - 510ohm 1/8 watt resistor
1ea - ($0.16) - 820ohm 1/8 watt resistor
1ea - ($0.50) - LM317T
1ea - ($4.68) - mini board (Cut later)
1ea - ($5.99) - USB Mini Jack (Pack of 10)
1ea - (FREE) - USB cord (4") (you can also use a female mini jack and solder to the board, plan to do that on the next one I make)
1ea - (FREE) - 360 "AA" Battery Pack (Purchase 3 for $3.99)
1ea - (FREE) - Turtle Beach Bluetooth Puck (one you already have for the 360)
1ea - (FREE) - Broken 360 Controller (optional)
1ea - (FREE) - XBOX ONE Chat Headset
1ft - (FREE) - 26ga wire (Took from old PC)

Solder Iron
Solder w/flux
Wire strippers
Hot Glue Gun
Safety Torx T8 (disassemble 360 controller)
Torx screwdriver (XBOX Chat headset  – quite small).

Step 1: Dismantle 360 Controller

360 Controller Steps:
  1. Take the old 360 controller apart (Safety Torx T8)
  2. Remove the bottom connector where the chat adapter plugs in.
(You can solder directly to the Turtle Beach Bluetooth puck if you don't have a 360 controller that you want to take apart.)

Step 2: Dissemble XBONE Chat Headset

XBONE Chat Headset:  
  1. Take the XBONE Chat Headset apart. (Torx Screws)
  2. Remove wires from the 4 pads.  (Don't overheat!)
  3. Drill small hole for 3 wires to come out as shown.  You will need to trim the bottom cover a bit to prevent it from pinching the wires.
  4. With the wires running out the hole as shown, Solder XBONE MIC to 360 connector Pin A4
  5. Solder XBONE HPL to 360 connector A2
  6. Soldier XBONE GND to 360 connector A1
  7. Soldier XBONE GND to XBONE HPR (Jumper)
  8. Re-assemble the XBONE chat headset.
XBONE CHAT HEADSET WIRING (From left the right):

Microphone Ground [GND] (originally the bare wire).
Microphone Positive [MIC] (originally the white wire).
Speaker Ground [HPR] (originally the black wire).*
Speaker Positive [HPL] (originally the blue wire).
*Jump HPR to Mic Ground 

Step 3: Soldier Directly to Puck (OPTIONAL)

  • Remove sticker from the bottom of the puck.
  • Remove bottom cover by 2 TORX screws
  • Remove front cover and drill small hole in front cover of the puck next to the audio jack for 5 wires to go through.
  • Solder 3.3V to 3.3V Out on your PC Board
  • Solder Power Ground to the Ground on your PC Board
  • Solder MIC to MIC in the XBOX ONE Chat Headset
  • Solder Speaker to HPL in the XBOX ONE Chat Headset
  • Solder Ground to GND in the XBOX ONE Chat Headset
  • *Jump HPR to Mic Ground
XBONE CHAT HEADSET WIRING (From left the right):

Microphone Ground [GND] (originally the bare wire).
Microphone Positive [MIC] (originally the white wire).
Speaker Ground [HPR] (originally the black wire).*
Speaker Positive [HPL] (originally the blue wire).
*Jump HPR to Mic Ground

Step 4: Voltage to Puck

Now we need to power the Bluetooth Turtle Beach Puck.  It requires 3.3v a normal USB plug gives 5v.  So we need to reduce the voltage.

Use the this page as a reference for wiring the board and getting the voltage as close to 3.3 R1 = 510ohms
R2 = 820ohms

The chip should be facing you with the writing on it.
  • VIN = 5V In
  • ADJ = Goes to ground
  • VOUT = 3.3V Out

Once you have the board wired up and have 3.3v (+/- .6v), then:
  1. Solder VOUT (3.3V) to 360 connector #4
  2. Solder Ground to 360 Connector #1

Step 5: Gut 360 Battery Pack

Gut the 360 "AA" Battery Pack
  1. Remove the quick release from the "AA" pack.
  2. Remove all metal from the pack
  3. Take dremel and remove the battery divider
  4. Insert the assembled pc board into the battery pack with the USB cable going out the front.
  5. Attach the all the pieces and test, everything should work!  
  6. Once you test everything, you can hot glue your new adapter to the bottom of the XBONE chat adapter.
So for less than $20, you can make an adapter that Turtle Beach won't make.  Let me know what you think...
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