Wireless Water Level Indicator

Introduction: Wireless Water Level Indicator

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Its a wireless water level indicator, but I also called its 'save water & save electricity'Its work on embedded system and the of it is 500 ft from a center point to all direction.but u can boost up it range by added a frequency booster device.Now its range is 41.6 floor. its indicate that, how much water is remain in your tank and reading will show on your device.

NOTE:- both device is chargeable and those receiver is connect to your device it will charge by panel those will be connect to your tank. because we can provide electricity on the water tank. It can be harmful.

Step 1: Components Required

Components Required-

  • Atmega16 Microcontroller
  • 7805 voltage Regulator
  • 12v Power Adaptor
  • 12MHz Crystal
  • 7-segment CA
  • 16x2 Display
  • Transistor
  • 12v Relay
  • Resistors
  • 10K Pot
  • LEDs

Full description- https://www.electronicslibrary.org/post/wireless-water-level-indicator-p1-how-to-make-it

Step 2: Circuit Diagram

This is Proteus Circuit Diagram.

Proteus- The Proteus Design Suite is a proprietary software tool suite used primarily for electronic design automation. The software is used mainly by electronic design engineers and technicians to create schematics and electronic prints for manufacturing printed circuit boards.

Full description- https://www.electronicslibrary.org/post/wireless-water-level-indicator-p1-how-to-make-it

Step 3: Final Code



// Alphanumeric LCD Module functions #asm .equ __lcd_port=0x15 ;PORTC #endasm #include

void main(void) { // Port C initialization PORTB=0x00; DDRB=0xff; DDRA=0xff; // Port C initialization PORTD=0xff; DDRD=0xff; // LCD module initialization lcd_init(16);

while (1) { if(PINA.3==1) { PORTB=0b00001000; PORTD=0b10011001; PORTA.7=0; lcd_gotoxy(1,0); lcd_putsf("MADE IN INDIA"); lcd_gotoxy(3,1); lcd_putsf("TANK FULL"); delay_ms(70); lcd_clear(); lcd_gotoxy(1,0); lcd_putsf("MADE IN INDIA"); delay_ms(70); lcd_clear(); lcd_gotoxy(3,1); } else if(PINA.2==1) { PORTB=0b00000100; PORTD=0b10110000; lcd_gotoxy(1,0); lcd_putsf("MADE IN INDIA"); lcd_gotoxy(0,1); lcd_putsf("WATER LEVEL 75%"); } else if(PINA.1==1) { PORTB=0b00000010; PORTD=0b10100100; lcd_gotoxy(1,0); lcd_putsf("MADE IN INDIA"); lcd_gotoxy(0,1); lcd_putsf("WATER LEVEL 50%"); }

else if(PINA.0==1) { PORTB=0b00000001;

PORTD=0b11111001; lcd_gotoxy(1,0); lcd_putsf("MADE IN INDIA"); lcd_gotoxy(0,1); lcd_putsf("WATER LEVEL 25%"); } else { PORTB=0b00010000; PORTD=0b11000000; PORTA.7=1; delay_ms(70); lcd_clear(); lcd_gotoxy(2,0); lcd_putsf("MADE IN INDIA"); lcd_gotoxy(3,1); lcd_putsf("TANK EMPTY"); delay_ms(70); lcd_clear(); lcd_gotoxy(2,0); } } }

Full description- https://www.electronicslibrary.org/post/wireless-water-level-indicator-p1-how-to-make-it

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Question 1 year ago

First of all thanks a bunch for sharing such a useful project with all details.
I would like to know can we have 10 levels? It will show water level more precisely