Introduction: Wires Free Speaker/ Amplifier From Apple Box

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This is a simple instructional on how to make a speaker that doesn't use electricity. Instead the music echoes out of the box and directly to you.
All you need is an MP3 player and and an apple box. A pair of scissors and a price if tape.

Step 1: Cutting and Combining

1. Cut off the front flap from the box
2. Measure and cut a hole where the charger will be
3. Place front flap in the wedge and cut to match other hole
4. Tape two flaps so they won't fall
5. Place iPod in and let the music echo toward you :)

Step 2: Another Way

1. Since the front flap is cut off already, use it to measure a similar sized piece from the top flap.
2. Cut piece in half and tape it together at about third sections, creating a stand
3. Measure it on the inside piece when it's unfolded
4. Cut a line for each side and use the scissors or blade to make it wider by twisting the blade
5. Fold it back up and insert the little stand into the holes you just cut

6. Measure where the charger will be and cut a piece so it folds down
7. Then insert the front flap in that side, the holes should match up
8. Putting the top down over the iPod, it echoes out of the box and into your ears.

*Usually works best with the first one, but this one works well if the case on your iPod doesn't restrict the speaker like the one in the picture.