Introduction: Wisconsin Style Beer Brats

Listen, there's only one correct way to make bratwurst. And that is beer boiled. There are many ways of accomplishing this amazing feat, but this is the method by which I make my super dope Beer Brats.

Step 1: The List of Stuff

You will need:
Beer (12 pack- your choice)
One white onion
One jar sour kraut
One bottle spicy yellow mustard (or plain yellow if you can't handle the awesome. Under no circumstances is KETCHUP to be used on Bratwurst. EVER.)
Diced Garlic- the real stuff
Kaiser rolls or fresh baked brat buns
Bratwurst- A note on bratwurst here, people. You get what you pay for. If you grab a pack from the frozen section at the super market, don't be surprised when they taste like old shoes. Locate an actual butcher, or better yet a German market, and get yourself some of the good stuff. If you live anywhere close to the SLC area- I can not say enough good things about Siegfried's Delicatessen. If you're fortunate enough to live in the northern Midwest (also referred to NFC North Country) you should have no problem with this.

Step 2: The Preparation

You're still in it, huh? Well then. Let us begin.
In a large pot, add your twelve pack of beer and turn up the heat. PRO TIP- Bring the boil up slow as beer has a tendency to make a lot of foam...obviously...
While the heat is coming up, chop up your onion and add it to the pot along with your garlic, salt and pepper. No measurements. Use the force.
When your kitchen starts to smell like awesome, you know you're ready. Now, add those brats.

Step 3: The Cooking

Let your brats boil in the awesome for about ten to fifteen minutes, until nice and firm. Remove the brats from the beer and set to the side until cool. While that's going on go ahead and drain some of the awesome into a large pan along with some of the onions and garlic (a strainer works pretty well for this, but you're probably half drunk by now, so do what you feel). Add your jar of sour kraut and bring to a simmer. Stir occasionally until all of the beer is cooked off.

Step 4: Oh God. the Grilling.

Yes. Time for the manly part. Out of the kitchen with you, sir. Time to cook in the outdoors, as nature intended.
Over medium heat, add your bratwurst. Turn often and do your best to cook all sides evenly. A burnt brat is considered a felony in the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota, so try to be respectful. Your goal is to have a nice dark coloration, almost like meaty camouflage, and heated all the way through. Undercooked pork is also not your friend.

Step 5: Dude. LOOK AT THEM.

See? Do you see? LOOK AT THE AWESOME! That is what a real brat looks like. Now, let's get ready to eat these things. Traditionally, cutting the brat lengthwise and putting on a Kaiser roll with the kraut is the way, but I like the American way ('MURIKA!) On a bun, with the kraut and spicy mustard. I mean, really. That's the only way. And since you're probably so hammered at this point that you need subtitles when you speak, the fewer steps involving knives the better.
So, you think you're ready?

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