Introduction: Survival Items for Your Vehicle's Glove Box

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Your glove box may be your first line of defense in a car related Emergency.

The Key is to plan ahead. I'll assume you already have a 72 Hour Survival Kit in your vehicle but you can't reach it yet.  Perhaps your belt won't release, or you are hanging upside down.

The first item is gloves. In a crisis, you want to protect to hands from the weather and cuts.  You may be about to use a knife to get free.
The Second Items is a knife or multifunction tool - IF you don't wear one or as a back up.

Step 1: What's a Survival Blanket Among Friends?

Emergency Survival Blankets are in my glove box for three reasons:
* If I'm unable to reach my 72 hour bag, I can reach the one in the glove box.
* If I'm sharing the car with a guest, we would each have a blanket.
* If there are people in front and back seats, each area would have a blanket to share.

Mylar blankets are light weight and inexpensive but they retain 90% of your body heat in a good situation.

BEWARE around fire.   This is for a last resort Survival Blanket, sun or rain protection, but mostly to save your heat.  Even Deserts are cold at night.

Step 2: Heat May Not Be the Only Problem!

My Glove Box has a Survival Poncho for the same basic reasons as the Emergency Blanket thinking.  It's another layer capturing body heat or could be a personal tent to keep you less uncomfortable.

In an extreme, it could be Duct Taped over a window to keep out wind and rain.

Step 3: You Bet Your Life on Survival Knowledge

There is an old Survival Saying: "You are Only as Sharp as Your Knife."

If you have no tool to cut your seat belt loose if it's jammed, --- You are not very sharp.

My car glove boxes (in front of passenger or between seats) has a Large Knife or Multi-function Tool.

Step 4: "Wet Your Whistle" With a Survival Basic

I  carry an emergency whistle around my neck.  Survival Planning or Strategic Thinking helps me realize that a visitor in my vehicle might not know That, if I were unconscious.

There is An Extra Whistle in my glove box,  In a survival emergency, IF we were buried under rubble or if we're out of site of the road, a whistle could be the game changer as it can be heard further.  If your passenger can breath, they can ...?    - - - That's right! They can whistle.

Step 5: Simple Survival Tools - Knife, Fork, Spoon

A great glove box contains a Knife, Fork and Spoon.   <<**These might be part of your Multi-function Tool.>>

If you are trapped in your vehicle for hours, traditional tools can come in handy.  A can opener** and the big 3 could open groceries.

The mere fact you have these familiar tools can be a comfort - a reminder of better times and your pre-planning.

The photo shows a Scouting, almost-flat, knife, fork and spoon set.

Step 6: Sewing, Shaving & Survival Planning?

Really!  A great glove box has an emergency sewing kit.   On the 'daily' end, I carry white and black shirt buttons plus a variety of colored thread, safety pins and needles.  While walking into make a presentation to strangers, my pant leg caught on s bit of metal and tore open from ankle to hip.  My sewing kit saved my day.

BUT, a sewing kit could save your life.   Long range, why I carry the kit is for emergency surgery.

The hand-held shaver has both uses too. I cut off hairs I missed while shaving - or I could prep an area for surgery.

No one likes to think about a crisis but imagine your child or best friend is bleeding. You should have the tools to help if possible.

Step 7: More Survival Food and Water Please

In an emergency, I'd rather have too much than too little if an Survival Gear.  I keep an "Energy" bar in the glove box in case I can't reach my 72 hour bag.

While water is not directly in the glove box - unless you have the new refrigerator style model coolers - I suggest water in a couple of places in the main compartment.  I have a case within reach on the floor of the back seat.   My wife has a case in the back of her SUV.

Step 8: Survial BONUS: Keep Reading

There should also be an Envelope with your latest emergency contact info, auto registration and Proof of Insurance.  Make sure it's easy to find - top in the glove box.  Police like it better when you don't waste their time.

For more on Survival Checklist ideas, click "Free Survival Checklists".

Remember: Keep your life in balance.  Enjoy the Best, but Prepare for the Worst.

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