Introduction: Wish Doll

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Ok this is the thing about the wish doll if you wish on it it will HELP you achieve your wish. Now you CAN'T sleep with it or the magic will fade away; instead put it by your bed. And DON'T let your dog,cat or any other pet get it!

Step 1: Step 1

Find these: glue,2 buttons,handful of stuffing,pins,package of brads,get some string,and a sock!

Step 2: Step 2

Get your sock and fill the non open side with stuffing but not all the sock; then tie a string to make the neck and then fill the bottom half with stuffing.

Step 3: Step 3

Now for the face detail's take two of your button's and two pins and place them in two button holes up and down ways. Then do the same on the other button. Then put a brad in the button holes on the left and right side and then put a little glue on it but don't go over board!

Step 4: Finishing Up

Now for the belly button take a pin and stick it where you want it to be now take a brad and slightly move up the pin then stick the brad where the pin was and take out the pin. Last but not least the mouth; take three red pins and stick them a little under the eyes ( if you don't know where exactly look at one of the face pictures) now put a little glue not a lot on the mouth. Then put three brads through the open side and on the back secure the brads!