Introduction: Witch Broom

This is a super easy way to make a super cool witches broom for under 6 bucks!


Sticks ( all kinds) but preferably dead or dry
One super long stick like of a branch( the more crooked and gnarlier the better)
Glue gun/ glue sticks
Spray paint
Duct tape

Step 1: Gather Sticks

1. Lay down the biggest tree branch you have a clean it of any debris, leaves and unwanted stems.

Step 2: Re-Arrange

Size all the small branches and make sure they're all about the same height , start hot gluing each branch on the broom covering the front and the back.

Step 3: Make It Strong

After you've done this , duct tape the base, ( use a lot of tape) this whole make it sturdier and able to hold down better.

(I had enough to make 2 )

Step 4: Spray and Be Done

Spray paint it I chose a brown glossy color I got for 4.29 at Walmart (make sure and Cover it in its entirety front and back ) Let it sit over night to get em nice and dry and VOILA your done! ENJOY ! Happy Hauntings!

NOTE: make sure your working in an open, airy space, I made the mistake of using my garage....needless to say had to open lotsa Windows after that !

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